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Macaron Parlour NYC Macaron Parlour NYC

Wandering around different neighborhoods has got to be one of the best parts about living in NYC. If you've got an hour or two of free time, it's the most a wonderful way to spend some time clearing the cobwebs your head, while taking in beautiful sights.

I was in the the East Village recently doing just that. And my nice Sunday stroll livened up even more, when I came across this cute little shop- the Macaron Parlour. The sign lured me inside. And before long, I was bewitched by their delicious treats...

I ended up getting the red velvet macaron! Smores is definitely on my list for next time :)

Macaron Parlour East Village Macaron Parlour East Village Macaron Parlour NYC

By the way, thank you all so much for the wonderful support on Monday's post. I will be back later in the week to thank everyone individually.

I can get a little self-conscious about my curviness. Of course, I was raised on the idea that thinner is better, and growing up, I always thought I stuck out as being too "normal" as everyone else was leading their perfect, thin lives. Yeah, "normal"... that's if I was being nice to myself that day.

Years and time have helped me get over this, but sometimes I slip. And sometimes, I think it's just the nature of taking and showing style photos- looking at pictures of yourself all the time. Sussing out every "flaw". Trying to narrow down the best shots (with the least flaws) to put online and show the entire world. You're always comparing yourself to how you looked in the past, as well as other women that you admire. And you tend to get a little critical. Well, i do.

But the fact is, this is the way that I look. This is my body. It's always been my body, no matter what I've tried to do to change it. It's just the way I am and the way I was built.

I want to respect this lovely body, which has done so many amazing things for me besides just being attractive, or being used as a receptacle for my own fears and insecurities. I can do this through acceptance.

I am beautiful. In lots of ways. Actually, you are too.

And I will have a red velvet macaron if I please :)



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  1. You are awesome. You deserve to eat that macaroon or whatever you want!! I have never had one, but want to.:)

    1. thank you :) you should find yourself a nice macaron! x

  2. These are so pretty! I'd love to visit this little place.
    Treat yo' self lady! You deserve it <3

    1. thanks! it really is the cutest little place :)

  3. :D I love the place!!! I'm seeing so many places that excite Me and make Me dream even more of My future coffee shop!
    I leuuvvvee French Macaroons ^_____^ They're the best lady treat eva!
    I kinda always feel very... classy when I gorge one down :$ hahaa!
    Loads of love, pretty lady :)

    1. yes, there's something about them that just seems classier than the average sweet snack, right? x

  4. oh man i want macarons so badly now!

  5. Oh, heaven! <3


  6. That tower is so lovely!

  7. What cute pictures!

  8. Oh my god wow that looks amazing! Such inspirational words, you are so beautiful :)

  9. Such a pretty shop! I would like one of the pastel blue macaroons with the homemade lemonade please! This place looks so special and their macaroon flavors sound so different and delicious!

    Emma x

  10. Mmmm...those are some really delicious looking macaroons! I like how their flavours are outside the box. I think I'll join you in eating a red velvet...if you don't mind :) Keep lifting yourself up!

  11. I love macaroon shops! They're so pretty and full of amazing treats! My fave is laduree - it's so French and chic! X

  12. that place looks like heaven! oh my goodness. YUM!

  13. Anonymous10/27/2013

    Such cute photos. It's making me hungry!
    Lucia's Loves

  14. Oooh those look so good! I've never actually had a macaron before but I'm totally pining for one now! :D


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