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Do My Little Twirl

Oasap skirt Choies

I was feeling a little stale on this day. My hair was frizzy. It was cold. I didn't really want to dress up at all. Maybe it's just the winter blues. So I threw this wig on, because I wanted to remember that I am the girl who loves to twirl around. I am the girl who loves to dance. I am the girl who loves to feel free, and do things like wear Korean fashion wigs to coffee on a Saturday afternoon.

I think it did the trick for that day.

Brogues Fashion Fashion
Blouse- c/o Choies // Skirt c/o Oasap // Brogues c/o Persunmall // Sweater- Strawberry // Wig- Clair Beauty


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  1. I love the wig! there is something about them, isn't there? sometimes if i am in the same mood and don't feel like going all the way out for a wig, ill just throw on a pair of fake glasses. You can kind of be your alter ego when doing this, i love it.
    anyways, the fun shines through girl, you look exceptionally happy and cute on this day!
    (and love the reed shoes/ black tights combo!) -andrea

  2. Such a darling outfit, that skirt is so cute!!!

  3. That wig is awesome! Love the two colors :D

  4. Fabulous wig ~ looks perfect on you (and I didn't even know it was a wig!).


  5. wow! so nice! it must feel so good to have a different look so fast ;) you look great

  6. Gorgeous outfit! I couldn't even tell that wasn't natural locks!


  7. Wigs, what a fun idea! I think this look turned out cute & gloomy. Love the shoes especially!

    <3 Megan

  8. At first I thought you had colored your hair! That's a really good wig. Love that pop of color in your oxfords!

  9. How fun, and I totally bought that wig as your hair!

  10. Hi, Chantilly! It's good to be back here after such a long time! You look amazing! ;) Hope you have a wonderful 2014!

  11. Cool wig! Great outfit, Chantilly :)

  12. Love the brogues!

  13. I can't take my eyes off of those shoes! So perfect! <3

    - Anna

  14. What a good reminder when the "staleness" sets in! Love everything about this look- what a pretty blouse!


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