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Kringle Candle

Kringle Candle Kringle Candle

These photos got lost somewhere in the shuffle since Thanksgiving (!!!) I meant to post them, but somehow I forgot. Whoops!

So even though these were taken in November, I want to picture it like it was yesterday: We went on a little excursion while I was visiting Matt's family for Thanksgiving. I've been kind of a candle nut this past year, and Matt's mom knows that, so she kindly took us to visit Kringle Candle during the holiday weekend.

Kringle is a company whose owners used to run Yankee Candle before they sold it. After a few years of being idle millionaires, they decided they were bored, and that they wanted to make a new candle company. Bing, bang, boom... just like that, Kringle Candle was born.**

** This story is totally probably not the real story, and has been exaggerated for blog entertainment purposes. But they really are the same guys from Yankee Candle.

Kringle Candle Kringle Candle Review

There were so many scents to choose from, and they were all too good. We ended up getting like nine "sampler" candles rather than the big ones, because we couldn't decide! Plus the bigger candles were quite pricey. My favorite is food/ sweet scents, so of course my favorites are maple syrup, and pineapple coconut. Yum! I'd say they're just as good as YC, and a little less perfume-y to boot.

As part of the experience, there were also additional little shops across the street: a chocolate shop, a gift shop, and a restaurant. We spent some time browsing around, and they had some loose teas which were REALLY delicious-sounding. I ended up getting a maple tea (surprise, surprise), as well as the gingersnap. Matt got a bacon chocolate bar, and it was good.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was super crowded, so we had to get out of there. We actually ended up driving two towns over to the Yankee Candle outlet to go to their restaurant. Haha.

Kringle Candle Review Kringle Candle Review

Kringle Candle Review Kringle Candle Review


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  1. This place looks absolutely amazing! I would go around smelling everything...twice! haha!

  2. That store would be dangerous for me. I'd buy everything in sight! I never heard of Kringle Candle before!! I have to check if there is one by me!! =)

  3. this looks lovely x

  4. What an adorable place to visit! Candles and scents are always a good idea.

  5. Mmh, I love stores like this! Totally "addicted" to scented candles and potpourris! Great post and like the exaggeration! :)

  6. This is so close to my house!! The restaurant across the street is good but way, way overpriced. Glad you had fun!

  7. Wow amazing photography got lost in these pictures. I can smell candles for hours in shops

    Carrieanne xx

  8. Better late than never, right?!! Hahaha loved this post! I want to go there and smell it!! xx

  9. ah, that store seems like one i'd love! the tea sounds wonderful and i want some of the candles!

    lindsey louise

  10. Such pretty pictures!! This place looks absolutely wonderful - I could seriously move in.

  11. Oh wow it looks like a candle lovers cave!!!! I've never tried Kringle candles before but they sound lovely xx


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