Best Makeup Products ~ Cheeks and Lips

Best Makeup Products ~ Cheeks and Lips

So here we are.. Part Two of the two-part series detailing my favorite makeup products as of late. (Here's Part One!) Let's go!


Yeah… I have a mild blush addiction ☺ I have over twenty blush products, which I’ve actually thinned down a LOT over the years (dumping a lot of those drugstore products along the way.) But I have #noshame cause guess what?! Powder never goes bad!! They’ll stay good practically forever.

Lately, I’ve been loving loving LOVING Nars multiples. When I was doing research about them, the general internet consensus is that people don't like them as much as the powder blushes. However, I am here to rep hard for them, and tell you that they look great, they last long, AND they show up well on camera! Multiples 4lyf!!

My decision to look past the negative reviews and take the plunge came when I saw this photo shoot. We had stopped in Sephora, and I tested out the product right before we took these photos. For some reason, it always seems like no matter how much blush I pile on, it never shows up in pictures. Well... this one did and looked GOOD. So even though it’s $40, it was a must-have for me. I (somewhat) got around the steep price tag when I snagged the color Malibu during Nars' Black Friday sale. Loved it so much, that I picked up a mini version of Orgasm on eBay.

I usually dust another blush on top as well. I have many, but current faves are NARS desire, NYX mocha, and Milani Luminous (this one is discontinued.)


I could go on and on, waxing poetic about my love for lip products, but I’ll keep this relatively short and sweet.

My favorite, FAVORITE holy grail product right now is Laura Mercier lip pencil in Potpourri. Sometimes, I don’t even wear a lipstick or anything over it. I just put this pencil on with some chapstick and call it a day! Seriously it glides on like butter, and is one of the most flattering shades I have ever come across. And I don’t even like pink lips! It’s just the best.

My other go-to products are MAC Cedar liner, MAC Twig lipstick, MAC Russian Red (a staple for ANY lady), and Lipstick Queen Saint Natural, and Sinner Rose. All mentioned have made numerous appearances here on the blog.


Hope you found all this info useful, if you have been sitting on the fence about any products I mentioned. Either way have a great day (+ thank you for the comments and love on the last post. Will be responding later. xx)


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  1. Yay! I love hearing about new makeup products. Definitely going to Sephora now!

  2. Okay, I definitely have to try those Nars Multiples blushes! I love blush! I never leave the house without a swipe of blush!

  3. Ooooh I love all those blushes! I am impressed by how much make up you have haha. You have definitely inspired me to take a makeup shopping trip :)


  4. Anonymous2/07/2014

    What color are you wearing in the Clever Girls newsletter banner? - Edita


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