February 10, 2014

Chunky Layers & Chunky Shoes (+ Giveaway!!)

Awww no, not another PHOTOSHOOT. Siiigh. :P

20140206-IMG_6035 Timberland Work Boot Timberland Nellie Boot
pay no attention to that weird green tarp in the corner...

Actually, this was pretty good day.

My favorite photo-taking days are ones where there is absolutely no pressure to get things done. Saturdays are always our "shoot days," and somehow just knowing this makes things stressful. Like we can't just enjoy our weekend... there's "work" to do. And the photos can never just be a spontaneous fun, thing- it's always planned.

Either way, these were taken on a day Matt worked from home last week. So no pressure :) We just stepped outside for a bite of lunch and some photos... fun and done.

Also, I'm SOOOO psyched to finally bust out this pair of Tims!!!

Timberland Nellie

To put it mildly, these shoes make me feel really, really, really cool. In my everyday outfits, I'm always angling for a casual-chic vibe. I luurve the Timberlands, because they're trendy and stylish, and embody that effortless casual-cool thing I'm forever seeking.

Plus I'm in love with this AMAZING cardigan from Sammydress. I've been longing for just the right grandpa sweater all winter long, and I think I've met my match. Sometimes I don't love long sweaters on me, because I feel like I need to play up my curvy shape. But I do like a sweater that I can sort of hide in... play with proportions a little. They have the same one in blue, which I now want terribly!

Timberland Boots Timberland Work Boots


If you liked my sweet pair of Timberlands, you could have a pair (or three) of your very own. I'm partnering with The Scarpetta for an awesome giveaway! They're an online shoe boutique with a plethora of great styles and designers to choose from. The contest runs from February 3 to March 14, and the grand prize winner will receive free shoes for a year!! Rules are as follows:

the scarpetta ~ So you can sign up for their mailing list here
~ Find their Pinterest here
~ Also they'll be running weekly giveaways on their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages, so be sure to subscribe and keep an eye out!


Timberland Boots
Timberlands c/o The Scarpetta // Sweater c/o Sammydress // Rings c/o Sammydress (one, two, three) // Necklace c/o Sammydress // Blouse- Thrifted // Jeans- Urban Outfitters // Hat- Etsy

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  1. Great outfit!!! I love your beanie!

  2. I love chunky shoes like that too. I think they're a good way of providing an edge to really feminine looks. They look like shoes to last too!

  3. i was going to say -- that sweater is adorable! loving your ring party too. so many cute pieces!


  4. Loving the tims! They always make you look and feel cool. :-)


  5. Adorable outfit!


  6. Love the rings!! Your entire outfit looks so cozy :)

  7. I love the rings, the beanie, the sweater - I totally get the "need to play up my curvy shape, but I love my slouchy sweaters too!" thing. Yeah. That was a run-on sentence. Love your shoes!

  8. Ohhhh love that sweater!! Visiting from the link up!


  9. Anonymous2/12/2014

    SO Cute! I love it all! : )

  10. Beautiful accessories! Love the textured cardigan! <3

    - Anna


  11. What a pretty outfit! Definitely something I would wear. I like how you combined the colours and that sweater looks so comfy.


  12. These photos are brilliant! Love this outfit. You look like a natural part of the landscape :)

    <3 Megan

  13. love those boots! rugged chic.
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place


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