AMA Answer ~ Creative Process!

AMA Answer ~ Creative Process!

Hey all!

A couple weeks ago, I had posted an AMA of sorts.  I wanted to challenge myself to make more videos, and get more comfortable in front of the camera.  I got better responses than I was hoping!  So I've made one video so far... answering the first question from Catherine, who asked about my creative process...

This video obviously doesn't explain everything... it just goes over a few topics that came into my head while the camera was on.  Specifically, I completely forgot to talk about lyrics.  That's a whole 'nother can of worms.  But I can't let this segment get away without mentioning that my current philosophy is to not let emotions affect my lyric-writing.  It might sound odd, since a lot of people probably feel that writing songs and poetry is inherently emotional.  It is.  And that's why it doesn't work for me.

In the past, I've put much effort into trying to convey an *exact* thing that I'm feeling.  It usually results in a great deal of tail-chasing and lost energy.  And actually, it detracts from conveying a coherent musical message.   I find that when I'm more detached from the subject I'm writing about, I come up with clearer musical ideas (melody, chord progressions, etc.)  And I also end up looking at the finished product and saying "This is still me.  This is still about my life.  This is still self-expression."  And that feels great :)


The little ditty you hear... I wrote and recorded in Garage Band last week :)  Of course, it's not up to the standards of my more polished recordings that I do with a producer... vocals and guitars are both one-take through, and it's very lo-fi sounding.  It's imperfect but I think I like it :)


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  1. well done I wish I had time and patiene to creat and upload video of mine . this very high quality of video love it
    xo tali

    1. Yes, it was quite a bit of work! Haha... glad you enjoyed it though :))

  2. I love the idea of movement inspiring you ~ don't think I've heard that before. I enjoy your music and it was so fun hearing your process. Thanks for answering my question! :)


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