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Black Floral

floral Forever 21 top

floral Forever 21 top

Quick walk around the neighborhood on Saturday to do some errands and bask in the sunshine...  It was gorgeous outside!  There was a street fair taking place all up and down our block.  I had my heart set on the fried oreos, but it was not to be. When we got back, the fair was over.  Next time...

floral Forever 21 top
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+ I had a very musically intense weekend.  It was awesome!  I will tell you more about it later.

+ Loved Mad Men last night!  Peggy and Don = heartwarming and heartbreaking (that's not a spoiler because what else is new?)

+ I'm also getting into the show Nashville.  It's totally a glamorized version of the songwriting/ country music business there.  What could be better?

+ Can't wait for a little R&R in Hudson Valley this weekend for Memorial Day :)  Literally counting the days.

Hope everyone had a nice, restful weekend.  :)

urban outfitters shorts

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  1. I love Nashville :) It's so messed up at times, but I love it still. Scarlett is my favorite singer, but there's something about Rayna the character that I just love. So glad they renewed it!!

  2. I am in love with those shorts and the floral top! You look great :)

  3. Girl you are werqing IT up in these photos!

  4. Anonymous5/20/2014

    you look amazing! this outfit + these photos are stellar
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  5. You look great!! <3

  6. You look so amazing in those shorts <3333 Love the florals!

    - Anna


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