Rainy and Cozy

Rainy and Cozy

cat vs. human

Hope everyone is having a nice week so far.

In case you were wondering, the kitty in the first picture's name is Thelonious, and she is in our shoes.  That's right- she literally likes to lay on top of our smelly shoes, or squeeze herself in between their empty spaces.  She's been especially interested since we set up the new rack.  It looks so uncomfortable, but it makes her happy.  :)  Haha.  Also, my camp friend Lynnette sent me that Cat vs. Human book!  Miss her.


These last few days have been storm weather- especially Wednesday.  So I've spent a lot of time cozied up with a cup of tea or coffee, listening to the rain fall outside my window.

Sometimes I like rainy days.  They can be gloomy and moody, but they can also be soothing.  They can remind you to relax.

So happy Friday.  If applicable, remember to take a break.  Do something you enjoy....  Is it ice cream trip?  A new shirt?  A moment's peace?  :)

Also, remember to laugh.  At yourself, preferably.


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  1. Thelonious is sooo cute!!
    If I lived nearby you might have a local cat burglar. Tehe.


  2. Thelonius. LOVE IT. My cat, Pipkin, loves shoes, too--whenever we take them off, she immediately hugs them, rubs her face all over them, then buries her face inside them. She's a mess.
    Cat's are fantastic, right? :] Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh, my mom's cat (RIP) used to loooove laying on or in our shoes--particularly sticking his head right into my dad's farm boots. He'd sleep like that. He was so weird. ;)

  4. What a cute kitty! They do the funnest things!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  5. Love your big cat !!!! Graou !

    See Ya,


  6. Lovely photos! I love rain! Sadly, it rarely pours down in SoCal :/. We did have some heavy winds this past week (Santa Ana) which caused a fire in a nearby neighborhood on the mountains.

    Hope you have a wonderful and sunny week!


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