July 14, 2014

Country Mouse

5th of july

Just a couple of pics from 4th of July weekend in Rhode Island.  I've gotta admit- I don't know if this could really be considered an "outfit" since these are lounging-around clothes.  You must be thinking-  "Gurl, are those sweat shorts??"  Yup.

Also- this sweater is one of my favorites that I basically wear all the time!  It's a fisherman style made of thick, sturdy cotton, and I got it for a song at an Anthropologie sale a couple years ago.  (Not a ton of detail in these photos, but whatev.)  I've always wanted to wear it to the beach at night!  Well, I got to wear it to my parent's backyard instead, which is ALMOST as good...

5th of july
5th of july

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  1. I definitely did not think those were sweat-shorts! I actually thought they were a pair of vintage 80s denim pull on shorts. My friend has a pair that look just like that which she thrifted! Anyhow, this is the perfect lounging about, summer outfit. Love the hat. I feel like I am definitely going to have to copycat this look...love it!

  2. Omg I am just going to steal that cardigan from you! <3 Love the textures! Beautiful look!

    - Anna


  3. Oh love this outfit - perfect for lazy summer days and that hat is gorgeous :)

    Laura x

  4. Love this outfit! It looks comfortable but also cute and stylish ;). I can't believe you were wearing a sweater, though! It's been so hot in this neck of the woods!

  5. There is nothing like a big comfy sweater. Nothing. They are my absolute favorite.


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