Sunglasses Storage DIY

Sunglasses Storage DIY

Recent addiction...

I don't know what it is about sunglasses, but I'm especially addicted to them this summer.  I've bought about ten pairs in the past three months.  I think it's because they're a cheap thrill, and can make you look cool and sexy in two seconds... even under un-sexy circumstances like greasy hair, and wearing clothes that you've slept in for two days (what?  it happens...)

I've been collecting more than a few pairs lately.  And like always, acquiring new things quickly is both awesome and a pain, because you have to come up with storage solutions.  But my sunglasses storage is both pretty and easy to do.   Ready?

#1 Get 4 thumbtacks and pin them into your wall, directly across from each other
#2 Get a piece of string, and measure it the width of the thumbtacks.  Cut it.
#3 Loop the string around the thumbtacks horizontally, and tie it tight (otherwise, your string will sag.)

Sunglasses Storage DIY
Sunglasses storage DIY

Now you have easy access to all your favorite cute sunglasses.  For all those days you just can't find it in you to put on eyeliner.  (like every day for me...)


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  1. So simple and perfect! I'm going to try this, but I'm also going to see if I can get little pouches on there, too. I always hate when my sunglasses collect dust which is why I have them all in a sack. I'd rather have them on the wall, though. Easier access. Hehe. :D

    - Anna

  2. cute idea! simple and definitely an easy way to access your sunnies. those heart-shaped ones are too cute!


  3. Such a cute idea to store sunglasses! Love it

  4. Interesting storage idea and because of the amount of sun we get in the Gold Coast I have a few pairs myself! But I personally prefer keeping my sunnies in storage in their original casings! Much more protection from potential scratches and the like.


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