October 2016 | Chantilly

How to Style a Desk


It's been a few months now since we moved into our new apartment... I guess it's not so new anymore, haha. 😛   Anyway, I wanted to show you guys my desk setup so far!


Peanut Butter Popcorn Recipe

Sometimes, I feel like my love for peanut butter is way deeper than most people's.  It's my go-to for any kind of decadent dessert.  Come to think of it, a couple of dollops on pretty much anything, and I'm a happy camper 😛  (hello, peanut butter BACON anyone??  Will save that nugget for another blog post...)


Summer Memories ~

It has FINALLY started to get a little cooler outside (thank god!) and my enthusiasm for all the typical fall activities has been renewed.  In the past it's been like... yeah, apple picking is cool... but planning that stuff is a pain, especially in the city with no car.  If I get to it this year, bonus!  If not, oh well.  This time around, I'm all about it.  Bring on the PSL parade!!

Since I've been gradually working my way back to posting here, I never got the chance to share my memories and photos from this past summer, though.  It has been a happy one!  Our move back to the city was completely painless and our apartment is awesome.  We spent a lot of time getting our living space in order, adjusting to being back, and hanging with friends and family :)


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