Home Refresh ~ New Vanity

Home Refresh ~ New Vanity

If there's one positive thing about staying home recently, it's that I've been paying more attention to my space. There's tons of things around the house that I've been meaning to fix or update forever, but just never got around to it. So even though I'm stuck here for a little while, it's nice to finally be able to turn my attention to improvements.

One of those things is replacing my old vanity!

vintage vanity

My old vanity was originally a birthday present from my husband. We were still living in a Brooklyn apartment with linoleum floors and a harvest gold stove. (I have pictures... you don't want to see them.)

At the time, my makeup was always strewn on this 80's-looking side table next to our bed. Every day I'd wake up in the morning, scoot over to that side of the bed, and put on my face. Convenient? Yes! Organized and pretty? No.

One year for my birthday, I picked out a vintage vanity on eBay and he bought it for me. I even lovingly re-painted it when we first moved into our current apartment in Sunnyside. (See the repaint DIY here!) Not only is it one of the most functional gifts I'd ever gotten, it has so many memories attached to it. It's one of our last pieces of furniture from those bad old days in Brooklyn.

See how I repainted my old vanity!

vintage vanity

Here's the drawer space I used to have. 

But the truth is, it's been falling apart for years now. Some of the wood in the back is rotted, the screws are falling out, the drawer sticks, and one of the handles fell off. So when I saw this vanity on sale at Urban Outfitters, I impulse ordered it.

The result? I'm in love!


Vanity Urban Outfitters

First of all, I love that it's sleeker and takes up less visual space. I like to do a lot of visual trickery in this apartment to make it look bigger. Having glass tables automatically make things seem more roomy, because your mind doesn't perceive anything taking space there. The thin wiring contributes to a "barely there" look, as opposed to having bigger, bulkier wood piece.

This is vanity is also less deep by a few inches than my other one. We live in an apartment and have always had a fair amount of "stuff." Inches matter here.

Most of all, I love that it still retains vintage-looking details, like the ornate looping. However it somehow seems more modern! Maybe because of the thin wire details and gold paint. It did take me a while to adjust to the gold trend (I used to be a big fan of industrial style, silver, and antiqued metals.) But I'm definitely loving it now!

makeup storage for vanity

One thing that is going to be a challenge is finding a place to put everything that was in my big storage drawer. Right now, everything that was in the drawer pictured above is currently in a basket on the floor. However, I got this clear makeup organizer to hold all my essentials so that I can still do my routine easily in the morning.

makeup vanity tray

faux flowers vanity

One other fun thing- I got this faux rose garland for a feminine, spring-y touch!

Okay, so here's where I got everything in the photos! Some of it is linkable, and others I've collected over the years. Hope you like!

Vanity- Get it here
Makeup Organizer- Get it here
Clear Square Organizer Tray- Get it here
Faux Rose Garland- Get it here
Perfume Tray- Thrifted/ vintage, but Similar here
Boudoir Chair- Vintage
Glitter Jars for Brushes- DIY'ed
Dreamcatcher- From Tulum, Mexico but Similar here

home photography

Thanks for taking a peek, babes. Hope you're having a wonderful week!


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