How to Style a Halloween Coffee Station

How to Style a Halloween Coffee Station

Looking for ideas on how to style your fall Halloween coffee station? I got you babe!

If you follow my Instagram and Tiktok, you might already know that I’ve been busy setting up my Halloween coffee bar for the past month. (As evidenced by my slight obsession with collecting every single cute Halloween Target coffee mug known to man, haha!)

You can imagine my excitement that it’s finally getting chilly enough to start crafting those pumpkin spice lattes and hot apple ciders at home. (Yum!)

To be honest, I've always loved the idea of creating my own coffee bar station at home. Why? There’s something so cozy about waking up in the morning to a welcoming place to make your coffee. Especially around fall and Halloween! 

In general I just love coffee, and I have so many memories of having it as a treat when I was younger. I love the whole experience of it. And having a fall coffee station at home really brings back those feelings times 100! 

In the past, I either haven’t had enough space to set up a DIY coffee bar, or I just didn’t know how to get a look that was Insta and Pinterest-worthy. But after studying and experimenting a little bit, I’ve come up with some great ideas!

So I’d love to share my fall coffee bar ideas with you. Read on for the best tips on how to style your fall/ Halloween coffee station.

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Where to Find the Best Coffee Accessories?

Before you style your coffee bar, you need to actually be able to make your coffee, right? So I'm gonna set you up with the basics right here. Here are personal favorites that I use every day. 

Coffee Cart

If you’re setting up your coffee bar on your counter, then you won’t need this step. But if not, you’ll need a cart! It took me a month to find the perfect cart, and I found this amazing coffee cart at CB2. I love the clean lines. 

It’s a little lower than I’d like, but I just put some wood cutting boards to make our espresso maker stand up taller.

Coffee Maker

We got this Breville coffee maker last year before we moved into our new apartment and haven't looked back! Makes a darn tasty cup of coffee, and I love that there's a setting for cold brew! It's super 

Coffee Bean Grinder

We got this Breville coffee bean grinder to go along with our coffee maker. We prefer grinding our own beans, as it makes a fresher cup of coffee. With this grinder, you can control how fine the grounds come out, as well as how much you want to make. It's a total game changer.

Espresso Maker

My parents bought us this espresso maker as a wedding gift, and it’s lasted us for over 5 years! We've been really happy with it will keep on using it as long as it keeps kicking.

Fall Coffee Mugs

If you want the cutest fall coffee station, then of course you need cute fall mugs! I’ve already written about my adorable $5 Target Halloween mugs (including the ghost mug!) I went a little crazy this fall and collected 95% of Target’s mug offerings this season, haha.

I've seen people also score cute Halloween mugs at places like at Home Goods and Hobby Lobby.

If you don’t have any fall coffee mugs, or are more of a minimalist, plain white mugs are the move. They're so versatile, you can go all out with your other decor while keeping a neutral balance.

Pick a Theme

A fun way to figure out how to decorate your fall coffee cart is by picking a theme

Start by thinking about your favorite style. For example, goths are officially killing it this year. The goth coffee carts I've seen  have a dark/ spooky vibe with lots of black and white elements that's just perfect. 

Farmhouse is another popular decor trend I see all over Pinterest that lends itself well to coffee carts. 

You could also choose a certain Halloween element for your theme. For instance I chose a 'pumpkins and ghosts' theme. I didn't mean to, but it just so happens that pumpkins and ghosts caught my eye the most this year when choosing decor! 

Maybe your theme could be 'farmhouse witches.' Or 'goth graveyard.' Or simply something like 'Hocus Pocus.' The world is your oyster!

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Use Fall Foliage

Adding some florals, foliage, or greenery gives your coffee station an element of feeling 'alive.' I love this trick for decor no matter the season, but there's just something special about those bright fall colors!

The most logical choice is to use fall colors like oranges, browns, yellows, and reds. Although I do use greenery too, since we have a lot of actual plants in our home that I can't exactly hide away during the fall.

On my cart, I used bunches of fall foliage that I got from Amazon. I also used a small bunch of faux flowers on one of the shelves. Makes it feel cozier!


I just love using little figurines for my Halloween coffee station! Again, they give you a chance to show off your personality... are you traditional? Whimsical? Vintage? Whatever it is, figurines can help you complement those styles. 

I found some especially cute figurines at Home Goods this year! I couldn't resist the little wooden ghost on the bottom next to the sugar container.

And bonus tip: Make sure your figurines are proportional to your space. 

For example- if you put out one small figurine in a gigantic space, no one will notice it. If you put a huge one in a tiny space, it might seem overwhelming. Try to make the space of your cart seem balanced with proportion for your figurines.

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Signs and Wall Art

Signs and wall art can give your fall coffee bar an anchor. It's another way to get across what you want to say about your coffee cart. 

For example, I've seen a lot of cute signs at Target this year. I wish I had grabbed that "Dead and Breakfast" one. Hahah! I could see this being really cute at a fall coffee station.

I chose not to go with a fall-centric wall art this year. But instead, just love my simple vintage-looking “coffee” sign. I think it's perfect, even though it's not fall-ish.

Use Pumpkins

I love using pumpkins to decorate my fall coffee cart because they're easy! Can you think of another thing that says "spooky season is here" quite like pumpkins? You must have some.

First of all, get yourself to a pumpkin patch ASAP to pick up the perfect pumpkins for your space! I also love picking up mini pumpkins at Trader Joe's if you're in a hurry. It's convenient, and there are usually good prices.

Lastly, don't forget to use pumpkins of all sizes. Depending on how big your space is, you can use a variety of pumpkin sizes, and it will look great. The mini pumpkins are especially handy because they usually fit perfectly in little spaces where you wouldn't think to put a pumpkin. They're also super stackable!

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