Best Christmas Bars in NYC - Guide from a Local

Best Christmas Bars in NYC - Guide from a Local

Ever wanted to have a drink at a Christmas bar in NYC? Of course you do! It’s nothing short of a magical experience, and has got to be one of the best ways to enjoy the holidays in the City.

It's no secret that I love Christmas bars. I’ve spent the last couple of years discovering ALL the Christmas places for Instagram content. 

I’ve gone to every popup, bar, and restaurant in NYC you can think of. That's why I'm so excited to put together this list of the best bars for Christmas in NYC for you!

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Miracle on 9th, New York, NY

Picture it- you’re in town for the holidays and you've been checking out places like Rockefeller Center, the Christmas markets, Watermark Winter Wonderland, and Hudson Yards. Now picture yourself sipping on a spiked hot chocolate. Sounds like Heaven, doesn't it?

After a day of sightseeing, having a cocktail at a bar decorated for Christmas is a great way to keep the magical holiday vibes going. 

And if you’re local to the city, it's a fun way to celebrate with friends or coworkers (my husband even hosted a Secret Santa at Miracle on 9th this year!)

You might be thinking- "Wouldn't a Christmas popoup bar in New York be hard to reserve? I heard Rolf's starts booking in July!" 

You'd be right about Rolf's, but wrong about not being able to get a reservation somewhere cool. There are tons of Christmas themed bars in New York nowadays! 

In fact there is so much demand that more bars just keep opening! Thus making it easier for you to find the perfect spot.

So if you're dreaming of a festive holiday season filled with joy, laughter, and perhaps a hint of cinnamon, you're in luck! You're sure to find something on my list of places that serve the best Christmas cocktails in NYC. 

But first, I know you must have some questions. So let's cover a few tips to get you ready for the best NYC Christmas bar experience of your life!

NYC Christmas Bar Tips

  • Double check that they have the decorations up before you go. 
Most of these spots are just regular bars that turn into winter wonderlands for the season. Sometimes they decorate on November 1st, sometimes after Thanksgiving, and sometimes they wait until well into December. 

Just make sure you know ahead of time to avoid any disappointments.

  • Make a reservation
Many of these places are famous, popular, or hot on social media. Some even start booking up in the summer! So always check if you need reserve a spot first.

  • Get there early
NYC traffic and public transportation can be unpredictable. You wouldn’t want to miss your coveted spot because you were a few minute late! So plan ample time to get there.

  • Be aware of extra fees
Some of these bars charge a reservation fee, and some charge extra for access to a unique experience- like dining inside a glass cabin or private igloo. Keep this in mind when booking so there are no surprises.

  • Get ready for the sticker shock!
Many people are flabbergasted that the cute cocktail they saw on social media is actually $25. Or that it costs $30 just to get into the bar BEFORE you can even order the drink. 

And I hear you. But hey. It's New York!

All I can say is- research. It's possible to pay $15 for a single drink, or have a $250 night out. Just know what you're in for ahead of time and budget accordingly.

  • Plan for food
Imagine you’re a family that’s been sight seeing all day and it’s 6pm. You’ve booked the perfect Christmas spot, sit down, and realize the establishment only serves alcohol. 

Some of these spots are restaurants and some are just bars. Some only serve snacks, and some full meals. Make sure you know what you're getting.

  • Double check your bill
It's a sad reality that sometimes shady things go on in tourist spots. I've heard stories of people being charged too much for their drinks, or extra gratuities being sneakily added in. 

Unfortunately it happens in any tourist-heavy spot, and sometimes bartenders will assume you've had too many drinks to notice. Be aware.

  • There’s a style out there for everyone! 
Every bar has a different style and theme. Whether it's twinkle lights, winter wonderland, or over-the-top Santa’s North Pole. Each is special in their own way.  

Okay, no need to keep you in suspense any longer! Here are the Best bars in NYC for Christmas-

Note- this blog post contains affiliate links. 
If you click on a link, I could make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Miracle on 9th

649 E. 9th Street

Miracle on 9th One of the cutest popup bars in NYC! Fun fact- Miracle is a group that arranges holiday-themed popup bars all over the world! This is Manhattan’s version. I’ve also been to one in Jersey City, and it was lovely.

Reservations recommended, and a reservation charge applies.


220 W 44th St.

Frostys, a pop-up bar that appears only during the festive season, is a whimsical haven for holiday lovers. It’s three floors of Christmas goodness with a bar, restaurant and speakeasy. With its playful decor, holiday-themed cocktails, and an Instagram-worthy atmosphere, you definitely need reservations for this one!

Tickets start at $35 and include a Santa hat or lightbulb necklace.

Holly Jolly Bar

47 7th Ave S

Mad Morten’s in the West Village turns into a Christmas party dream for the holidays! For $15, you’ll get a welcome shot. For $44, you’ll get a bar seat and a cocktail. Prices for table seating goes up from there.

Tickets start at $15.


78 South St Pier 15

Watermark has done it again with their infamous Winter Wonderland party. Located along the scenic waterfront, with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, $20 will get you inside the event, as well as a drink and snack. Extra drinks cost extra of course, and Glass Cabins are by reservation only (but they DO include food.)

Cover starts at $19 and includes a drink and snack.

Dining experiences in the glass cabins start at $90, and includes a full meal.

Book on

Best Christmas bars in NYC —  Frosty’s Christmas bar NYC —  Best Christmas bars in New York  — Christmas popup bars NYC — Bars decorated for Christmas NYC
Frosty's NYC

Best Christmas bars in NYC —  Holly Jolly bar NYC —  Christmas cocktail NYC  — Christmas popup bars NYC — Best Christmas bars in New York
Holly Jolly Bar, NYC

Best Bars Christmas NYC —  Watermark NYC —  Watermark NYC Winter Wonderland — Watermark Christmas NYC — Best Christmas bar in ManhattanWatermark Winter Wonderland New York, NY

Loreley Beer Garden

7 Rivington St

For a Christmas celebration with a touch of German tradition, Loreley Beer Garden is the place to be. With its heated outdoor patio and a selection of holiday-themed cocktails, it's the perfect spot to gather with friends for a laid-back evening. They have one of the best boozy hot chocolates in town, with a festive photo wall in the back that I just love.

Reservations recommended.


281 3rd Ave

A legendary Christmas destination in NYC, Rolf’s takes holiday decor to the next level. There are over 100,000 lights and 15,000 ornaments here, creating a magical setting for enjoying classic cocktails and traditional German fare.

Also, this might be the most popular Christmas restaurant in NYC. Reservations start booking up in the summer… good luck!

Serra by Birreria (inside Eataly)

200 5th Ave

Serra by Birreria is one of my favorites in NYC! A unique rooftop experience on the rooftop of Eataly in Flatiron, the decor changes every season. Expect seasonal cocktails, Italian-inspired fare, and plenty of photo opportunities.

Reservations recommended.

230 Fifth Rooftop

1150 Broadway

Known for its rooftop igloos and views of the city skyline, 230 Fifth turns into a winter paradise during Christmas. There are two types of igloo experiences- one with a server, and one that’s communal-style. There is also a deck with heat lamps and Snuggies to help you keep warm.

Walk-ins only, they don’t take reservations.

Salon de Ning

700 5th Ave Floor 23

This gorgeous rooftop inside the Peninsula Hotel has the most beautiful winter wonderland setup that reminds you of the Swiss Alps! Stay warm with the cozy fireplaces and glasses of wine.

Reservations recommended. 

The Lodge

Bryant Park

An open-air bar area in the middle of the Bryant Park Holiday Market! It's a haven for those seeking a fun and festive atmosphere in the middle of your holiday shopping. Warm up with a hot spiked cider, right after browsing the markets, then go ice skating right at the rink!

Walk-ins only.

Pier 17 Rooftop

89 South St

The Pier 17 Rooftop has a winter wonderland experience that’s in partnership with Disney’s The Santa Clauses! There’s things to do for kids and grownups alike, and you can rent heated cabins for the total winter wonderland fantasy.

Tickets start at $15 and include a hot chocolate

Cabin rentals start at $450 (and fits up to 10 people)

Best Christmas bars in NYC —  Loreley Beer Garden NYC —  Best Christmas bar in Manhattan  — Christmas popup bars NYC — christmas themed bars nyc
Loreley Beer Garden, NYC

Christmas bars NYC —  230 Fifth Magical rooftop igloo bar — Best Christmas bar in Manhattan — Christmas decorated bars New York
230 Fifth Rooftop, NYC

Pete’s Tavern

129 E 18th St

Steeped in history, Pete's Tavern is the oldest continuously operating bar & restaurant in NYC. Pete’s offers a classic New York experience with a touch of holiday charm. Known for its warm and welcoming atmosphere, it's a great spot to enjoy a festive drink and savor the timeless elegance of this iconic NYC establishment. Just be aware- it gets shoulder-to-shoulder packed.

No reservations required.

Paddy McGuires

237 3rd Ave

For a Christmas celebration with an Irish twist, Paddy McGuires is the go-to spot. With its lively atmosphere, traditional holiday decorations, and a selection of festive drinks, it's a place where the warmth of Irish hospitality meets the joy of the season.

No reservations required.

Sippin Santa @ Thief

161 Ludlow St

So excited this place is back! This Christmas pop-up bar combines the warmth of the tropics with the festive spirit. Expect tiki-inspired decor and a menu of Christmas cocktails that transport you to a beachside Christmas party. They have 2 locations this year- The Lower East Side and Brooklyn.

Reservations recommended.

Somewhere Nowhere

112 W 25th St

Somewhere Nowhere is a rooftop club inside the Renaissance Chelsea in Midtown. It comes to life during the holidays, when they teardrop igloos that you can rent. I’ve got to tell you, it’s such a festive feeling to sit in one of those igloos, sipping spiked hot cocoas by the fireplace while roasting table top s’mores.

Igloo reservations start at $170 for 2 people, and includes a bottle of champagne 

Magic Hour

485 7th Ave 18th floor

Inside the Moxy Hotel in Times Square! This is one of the most over-the-top rooftops in the city! They change their decor seasonally, and it's usually a beautiful winter wonderland theme around the holidays. They have festive cocktails, a terrace, and several photo moments (including an actual carousel!)

Reservations recommended.

Best Bars Christmas NYC —  Somewhere Nowhere NYC — Best Christmas bar in Manhattan  — Christmas popup bars NYC

Somewhere Nowhere, NYC

Christmas bars NYC —  Magic Hour NYC —Moxy NYC Times Square Rooftop —  Best Christmas bar in Manhattan — Christmas decorated bars New York
Magic Hour inside Moxy Hotel in Times Square

Looking for More Holiday Inspiration for This Winter?

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