13 Cute Burlington Vermont Coffee Shops

13 Cute Burlington Vermont Coffee Shops

Looking for the best & cutest Burlington, Vermont coffee shops? You are in the right place!

Maybe you’re searching for great cafes in Burlington VT for breakfast. Or maybe you’re on the hunt for an artsy spot Church Street for your afternoon latte.

Either way, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised that there are not only so many Burlington coffee shops, but that they’re all so adorable!

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, sit tight. Because I’m about to spill the details on the best coffee shops in Burlington, Vermont.

(And bonus! I’ve included some helpful travel information as well.)

Vivid Coffee Burlington — Burlington Vermont Coffee Shops — Burlington Vermont coffee
Vivid Coffee Roasters

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First, a little background info.

My husband and I recently planned a getaway to Vermont, and it was exactly what we needed to relax. It’s one of our favorite road trips to take, and it’s always such an easy and peaceful visit. (I’m a New England girl myself, and loved coming up as a kid as well.)

Although we’ve been to Vermont many times, this was our first time visiting this lovely town. We couldn’t wait to discover more. And for me- that means finding Burlington, VT coffee!!

If you know me, you know discovering cafes and coffee shops is one of my life’s personal joys. So I obviously had to find the best coffee Burlington VT has to offer. I went on a mission!

As I started researching, I was surprised (and jealous!) at the sheer number of coffee shops in Burlington. And then when I visited them, I discovered that they aren’t just numerous, but great quality as well!

Fun fact- Burlington is known as a college town, and it’s home to University of Vermont, Champlain College, and Saint Michaels College.

Bless those beautiful college students and their love of coffee. Because making the cafes Burlington Vermont plentiful is something that made my stay that much sweeter.

So whether you’re a true coffee snob, or just a lover of cozy cafe (like me!) you’re sure to find your favorite Burlington Vermont coffee shops here.

Let’s do a coffee shop tour! 

But first a little info to get you started in case you’re still in the trip-planning phase-

August First — Best Coffee in Burlington — Burlington VT coffee
August First



Head to my blog post for the best road trip travel essentials before you plan your trip!


First thing- Where is Burlington?

Burlington is located in the northern most part of Vermont, just 45 miles south of Canada. It’s a waterfront city, directly on Lake Champlain, with New York on the other side of the lake.

Getting to Burlington

By Car
There are several great ways to drive into Burlington, as I-89 goes right through it. I-91 is another highway that’s nearby, if that’s the more convenient option for you.

For your reference, here are some estimated driving times to Burlington-

From Boston- 3 1/2 hrs
From Montreal- 2 hrs
From New York- 5 1/2 hrs
From Ottawa- 3 1/2 hrs
From Philadelphia- 7 hrs
From Toronto- 7 hrs
From Washington, DC: 9 hrs

By Train
Take Amtrak! Have you heard of the Ethan Allen Express? It’s a passenger train that runs once per day from NYC via Albany, with numerous other stops in VT and NY. The train pulls right into downtown Burlington! Odds are, you’ll be able to walk right to your hotel or Airbnb.

By Plane
Did you know Burlington has its own airport? Burlington International Airport (BTV), has most major airlines like United, JetBlue, and Delta fly here. From there you can take a taxi or bus, and it’s just 10 minutes from downtown. How convenient!

Where to Stay in Burlington

If you’ve got everything planned about your trip to Burlington except where to stay, I’ve got you. If you’re prioritizing being downtown (and near the coffee shops), these are the best options-

Blind Tiger Burlington
Blind Tiger Burlington is part of the Lark Hotels, which is a group that offers boutique hotels across New England. The Blind Tiger is a mansion that was converted to a boutique hotel featuring beautiful architecture and vintage inspired furniture.

I missed this option when I was booking my recent trip. But it I was to stay in Burlington again, this is where I’d go!

Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain
Hilton Burlington Lake Champlain hotel is right on the waterfront of Lake Champlain! But not to worry, as it’s still an easy 5-minute walk to downtown and Church Street Marketplace.

Hilton Garden Inn Burlington Downtown
The Hilton Garden Inn is actually the hotel where my husband and I stayed. We LOVED this location because it was so convenient to everything we wanted to do downtown. Breweries, restaurants, and coffee shops were all right there literally a five minute walk away. There’s a spacious lobby/ restaurant area perfect for an evening drink. And the accommodations were quite comfortable.

Be aware you have to pay for parking though. Otherwise, street parking is metered.

Hilton Garden Inn Burlington Downtown

Burlington Vermont Parking

Parking in Burlington isn’t free. If you’re staying at a hotel, double check that they offer parking (they may charge valet fees.)

Street parking is done via the ParkMobile app, and is $1.75 per hour.

There are also municipal lots and garages that charge daily rates of $8-$10. Check out Marketplace Garage and Downtown Garage.

Cutest Burlington Vermont Coffee Shops List!

You’ll find that most of the culture and nightlife in Burlington is centered around Church Street Marketplace. It’s a pedestrian plaza in the middle of town where a good concentration of the shops, restaurants, and venues are located. It's also where you'll find most of the magical coffee shops and cafes! 

It’s super walkable, and even if the coffee shops you want to visit aren’t immediately in this area, they’re most likely very very easy to get to.

August First
This was the first stop on our coffee shop tour, and it wowed me for sure ! The space opened in 2009, and is housed in a former garage. The space is bright and airy, and despite it being so big, was filled with locals.

We had cappuccinos, and my husband had the dirty pork and egg sandwich. The granola was fantastic, and I actually came back to have it 2 days in a row!

Vivid Coffee Roasters
This is the place I’ve seen all over social media when I was looking up coffee shops in Burlington. I have to say, it lived up to its online charm!

The front area was cute and spacious with exposed brick and big windows (seems like another repurposed garage.

Then when you keep walking back, you’ll find ANOTHER large space filled with people working on laptops.

Cosmic Grind
This place is convenient, as its right in the heart of downtown! It was hard to miss, but you won’t be sorry. The vibes are immaculate here. First of all, every barista is the coolest person I’ve ever seen (not to mention sweet.)

This spot is a little smaller, with only 4 tables inside. It’s best to grab and keep walking.

August First — Best Coffee in Burlington — Burlington VT coffee
August First

Cosmic Grind — Best Coffee shop Burlington VT — Cafes in Burlington VT
Cosmic Grind

Muddy Waters Cafe
Visiting Muddy Waters was such a treat! It’s a cozy downtown spot filled to the brim with locals. The inside feels like a cabin in the jungle, with plants and a wooden interior.

They also have these interesting figures inside that look like funky alien creatures. I had a hazelnut latte and loved it!

Happy Place Cafe
This cafe is actually right on the same block as our hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn. Perfect place to grab coffee in the mornings if you’re staying there.

It’s actually a comedy club at night here, so you’ve basically a day’s entertainment, even if you never wanted to leave the block! The cafe closes at 3pm, and the club is as scheduled. Check their website!

Brio Coffeeworks
The roastery focuses on small-batch roasting, allowing them to pay close attention to the flavor profiles of each coffee bean. They often source their beans directly from coffee farmers, supporting fair trade practices.

They have a large industrial-style space! Think Open ductwork and concrete floors. Still it feels inviting, and the espressos are unbelievable!

Kestrel Coffee Roasters
This spot is located near the lake! It’s actually a small chain, as they have several locations in the area.

I love this location because the space reminds me of an art gallery. There are white walls filled with installations and works from artists. It’s spacious and the chai is delicious.


Don't forget!

Check out my best road trip travel essentials before you plan your trip!


Kru Coffee
Kru is a little less spacious than some of the others, but it’s still super cute and in a great location! I was obsessed with the vintage-inspired chairs, and the donuts are heaven.

Dog friendly and the food is made with ingredients from local farms. What more can you ask for!

Black Cap Coffee and Bakery
This convenient coffee shop is right on Church Street! Ideal for grabbing a coffee to go in between shopping.

It’s a little more basic looking than some of the other places, but it’s still got a ton of cozy corners to cuddle up with a latte and maple croissant.

Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee
This is the go-to place in town if you consider yourself a coffee snob. They carefully select the best coffees and have perfected the methods to serve up the most delicious espressos and lattes.

Plus they have the cutest latte art and cups!

Vivid Coffee Burlington — Burlington Vermont Coffee Shops — Burlington Vermont coffee
Vivid Coffee Roasters

Muddy Waters Cafe — Coffee Burlington Vermont — Burlington Coffee Shops
Muddy Waters Cafe

Tight Squeeze Coffee
Like the name says, it’s small! There’s basically no room to sit. But it’s still got a cute exterior with a few cafe tables, and the interior is pretty with xposed brick. They specialize in all-organic espresso drinks, so make sure to try one!

Leunig's Petit Bijou
Talk about small… this place doesn’t even have an inside. Still, it’s really cool. This tiny coffee kiosk is actually a part of Leunig’s Bistro around the corner, which is one of the oldest, continually operating restaurants in downtown Burlington, VT They serve coffee, pastries, and sandwiches and more.

Speeder & Earl's
Speeder & Earl’s is a Burlington institution, known for its rich history and commitment to quality coffee. This cozy spot with checkerboard floors serves up a diverse selection of roasts, ensuring there's something for everyone. A must-visit for those seeking a classic coffee experience.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best coffee shops in Burlington! Each spot offers a unique experience, from artistic vibes to classic charm, ensuring that your coffee journey in Burlington will be as memorable as the city itself.

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