Complete Guide to Watermark Bar in NYC

Complete Guide to Watermark Bar in NYC

Are you looking to visit Watermark bar NYC? You’re in luck!

This is your complete guide to Watermark NYC, and I've got all the info about their menu, the best drinks, how to book reservations, and more.

I’m also going to do a deep dive on all their seasonal themes! Did you know that Watermark New York basically turns into a different restaurant every season?

That’s right- this waterfront spot on Pier 15 New York changes up the decor setup to match seasons and holidays, with themes like Winter Wonderland, Pink Pier at Watermark, Watermark Beach, and Oktoberfest.

In the summer, it’s an open-air outdoor restaurant complete with palm trees. And in the winter they bring out their heated igloos and chalets for indoor dining.

With each season you can expect a different menu as well! Think cozy favorites like grilled cheese and hot chocolate in the cold months. Tropical drinks and sliders in the warmer ones.

No matter what season you go, the Watermark NYC will always be a good time.

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About Watermark

Watermark New York is a chic 10,000 square foot outdoor bar and restaurant on Pier 15 in Manhattan. It sits right on the waterfront in the South Street Seaport, and there are stunning views of the Brooklyn Bridge!

I first experienced this spot when a friend invited me for lunch. We stat in heated igloo with views of the river at sunset, ate truffle fries and drank martinis out of a disco ball.

If influencers go to heaven, this was it! Haha.

Since then, I’ve been invited back to Watermark several times to cover their events for my social media. I ALWAYS go because I know they bring the fun every single time.

What’s Unique About Watermark NYC

  • They go all out every season! You can probably guess that seasonal decor strikes a special chord inside this content creator’s heart. I just can’t resist a good Christmas decoration! With their over the top lights and photo installations, Watermark really does the seasonal themes RIGHT.
  • Their igloos and chalets. I’m not sure if you’ve seen these on social media, but they look AMAZING. During the day (especially when it’s near sunset) you can look out towards the water, and watch the colors turn brilliantly. Then when it’s night time, all the lights come, and it turns the whole pier into a beautiful illumination.
  • Brooklyn Bridge views. There are only so many famous landmarks in the city. And when you have the chance to gaze at them while eating, you take it! It’s not every day you get to see this landmark. So soak it up!

Watermark Hours and Location

Watermark is located at 78 South St Pier 15, New York, NY.

That’s downtown in the Financial District. The closest trains are the 2/3 at Wall Street, R/W at Wall Street, and J/Z at Broad Street.

Saturday - 11 AM–2 AM
Sunday - 12–11 PM
Monday - 4–11 PM
Tuesday - 4–11 PM
Wednesday - 4–11 PM
Thursday - 4 PM–12 AM
Friday - 2 PM–2 AM

Now I want to share a little bit about each theme that Watermark has! They like to switch it up so that people can enjoy seasonal fun.

Please note that the following information is based on the times that I’ve gone in the past! Things like the booking process, prices, what’s included, specific menu items, and experiences (like if Santa will be there and when you can see him) change every season.

The best way to find out current info is to visit the Fever page, where you can book your reservations. Double check the site and make sure everything lines up with your expectations!

Watermark Winter Wonderland

This is my absolute favorite event at Watermark! After all, I did get 5 million views on Instagram making a Reel about it.

Starting in November, the restaurant does its Christmas theme and turns into a winter wonderland. Like I mentioned earlier, they line the pier with heated cabins that allow you to see the water during the day.

The cabins are filled with lights, and at night they’re just dazzling.

At Watermark, they know you’re partly there for your Instagram pics, so there’s also tons of photo moments. This includes a sleigh overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge, Santa’s throne, and a spot to sit with Santa himself!

The event is family friendly, as there is a playhouse, Santa letter writing station, and the mini carousel.

Tip- Be advised that General Admission does not get you seating inside a glass cabin. That means you’ll be outside. It’s winter, and you’re on the water so bundle up!

When does it start?

How much does it cost? 
General admission starts at $19 (Includes a drink)

Igloo dining starts at $80 for two people (includes a meal)

Food and drinks at Watermark Winter Wonderland
The food for this event is cozy and fun. Here are some of the things I enjoyed-
  • Lobster Mac and cheese served in waffle cones
  • Grilled cheese
  • Truffle fries
  • Smoked s’mores cocktails- the marshmallow is toasted and smoked right in front of you!
  • Spiked hot chocolate

Tip- to see a stunning view of the bridge, find the ramp that leads to the roof above. It begins near the street, way before you even get to the hostess stand of the restaurant. Go up the ramp, walk all the way back, and take in the gorgeous view of Watermark’s gorgeous cabins and the Brooklyn Bridge!

Watermark winter wonderland — Winter Wonderland Watermark— Pier 15 Winter Wonderland — Watermark reservations
Watermark winter wonderland — Watermark NYC menu — Watermark Winter Wonderland cocktails

Pink Pier at Watermark

This is the most recent Watermark event I’ve been to, and it was just amazing! The pink theme pays tribute to Valentine’s Day, so it’s the perfect for a girl’s night, date night, or with your family.

The glass cabins are available to rent once more, and they’re covered in sparkly lights just like the Winter Wonderland. But this time the lights are all pink! It’s really a magical sight to see, especially when you’re inside the cabins.

Besides that, there are the cutest photo opportunities, like a “lover’s throne,” and a swing with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

When does it start?

How much does it cost?
General admission starts at $17 (includes a drink)

Igloo dining starts at $80 for two people (includes a meal.)

Food and drinks at Pink Pier Watermark
There’s a theme for all the food and drink- pink! Literally all the food and cocktails are pink-Pink wild mushroom ravioli
  • Pan roasted Atlantic salmon
  • Mac & cheese served in a pink waffle cone
  • Heart shaped macarons
  • Smoked s’mores whiskey cocktail
  • Gin cocktail with cotton candy

Pink Pier at Watermark — Watermark Pink Pier — Watermark Restaurant — Pier 15 NYC — Pier 15 South Street Seaport
Pink Pier at Watermark — Watermark Pink Pier — Watermark Restaurant — Pier 15 NYC — Pier 15 South Street Seaport
Pink Pier at Watermark — Watermark NYC menu — Watermark Pink Pier cocktails — Watermark NYC Seaport

Watermark Beach NYC

This you’re looking for some beach fun but are stuck in the city, definitely check out Watermark beach! The restaurant transforms into one complete with palm trees,

Last year it was Baywatch-themed. There were models strutting around in the signature Baywatch bathing suits, and the staff were carrying around life-sized cardboard cutouts of Pam Anderson and David Hasselhoff. It was hilarious!

When does it start?

Food and drinks at Watermark Beach
  • Tuna tartare on cones
  • Mini burgers
  • Truffle fries
  • Empanadas
  • Lobster rolls
  • Fun drink pouches with yummy flavors like dragon fruit
  • And of course, rose!

Watermark beach NYC — Pier 15 New York — Watermark beach NYC Pier 15 — Watermark Waterfront dining
Watermark beach NYC — Watermark NYC menu — Watermark South Street Seaport — Watermark lunch menu
Watermark beach NYC — Watermark NYC menu — Watermark South Street Seaport — Watermark lunch menu

Watermark Oktoberfest

This is the one Watermark event I haven’t been to but mark my words, I will make it there this year! I’ve often felt NYC lacking in fun fall activities, so I’m glad Watermark can the cozy fall vibes!

When does it start?

Notable Food and drinks at Watermark Oktoberfest
  • Soft Pretzels
  • Beer braised turkey legs
  • Beer Mac & cheese
  • Bratwurst
  • Mini beer kegs

Hope you liked this recap of Watermark in NYC! Are you going soon?

Looking for more NYC inspiration?

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