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False Eyelashes- The Comprehensive Guide


Comprehensive false eyelashes guide

I avoided false eyelashes for a long time. In college, I bought a pair from MAC to wear with my Playboy Bunny halloween costume (yeah, I was that girl.) I found them horribly uncomfortable, and couldn't wait to rip them off my eyelids the entire night. I'd only worn them on a handful of other occasions over the years, and I regretted it every time. Always the same- they were uncomfortable, they looked fake, and I didn't know how to put them on right.

Last fall, however, I started trying again. I was determined to step up my game in the style post department, as I'd seen so many lovely fashion bloggers donning the falsies with such grace. I did some googling. I did some youtube-ing. I tried a few more times, and now I'm a total convert. I even use them for daily wear- running around to get my groceries and whatnot.

It turns out you just need a few tricks and some practice before you can really rock them to their fullest potential. And while I don't claim to be an eyelashes guru, I do think I can give some tactical advice!

So I've devised a a three part series about how to choose them and rock them-

Part 1- Styles and brands
Part 2- Types of glue, and finally
Part 3- How to put on the suckers

I was going to make Part 1 a part of this post, but the whole thing started to run very long. So I'm making it it's own post instead- it will go up tomorrow. So get ready!

And believe me, I never thought I'd have this much to say about false eyelashes, but evidently I do.

Hope you all have a lovely day. xx


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Peanut butter cocoa cookies (and how they can benefit your social life)

How many of you out there like cookies? Let me guess... almost everyone. Well, recently I was possessed by a crazy cookie-spirit and made these. This recipe takes me allll the way back to my tween days. Can you picture that?

peanut butter cocoa cookies

Now, you might not believe it (or maybe you will), but life as a tween Chantilly was a lonely one. I was socially awkward, constantly worried about my weight (I was normal and healthy), and my biggest embarrassment in life was that I'd never had a boyfriend. I spent a lot of time by myself... singing in my private space in the attic, making up cheering routines (yeah, I was a cheerleader), or spending time with my family. Dreaming of a time when things could be different.

At some point, I cultivated baking as a hobby. I was making a lot of cookies, and getting pretty experimental in my recipes. I added some cocoa to one particular batch of peanut butter cookies, and I remember they tasted exactly like butterfingers.

Now, getting back to the socially awkward stuff for a second... in Chantilly-tween-land, getting invited to "go over" someone's house, or a friend "coming over" yours was a big deal. At least to me it was. I had basically no friends at that point, and was always overhearing the popular girls talking about being at each other's houses. I was mortified that I didn't have anyone to share this special friend-bonding ritual with.

Until one day... another loner/ cast-off like myself invited herself to my house... and it felt pretty awesome, even if she wasn't one of the "cool" girls. I remember her coming over... and she couldn't stop eating these butterfinger cookies I had made the day before. I took it as a compliment, and felt a sense of pride for my baking skills. We had a nice chat in my kitchen, and ended up being best friends for about five years.

We laughed, had adventures together, talked about sex, and physically faught once or twice. The friendship ended badly... but the experiences we had were worth it. And it all started with some cookies :) That hour spent in my kitchen getting to know someone new is what I was reminded of when I bit into this fresh batch in the here-and-now.

So the moral of the story is... bake cookies, and you will attract new friends :P Here are my super-secret tips to make the best friend-attracting-peanut-butter-cocoa cookies:

1~ Start with your favorite PB cookie recipe. For this, I used the one from the Fannie Farmer Cookbook.
2~ Substitute butter-flavored crisco for butter. It might not be healthy, but this makes the cookies more delicious than you can believe. Trust the girl who did nothing but bake cookies for a solid year.
3~ Add cocoa powder liberally. I didn't use an exact measurement... I just kept adding and taste-testing until it was to my liking.

That's it! Enjoy :)

peanut butter cocoa cookies


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Sponsor in March

sponsor march '13

It's the official call for sponsors! The hour is late, so I'll make this short and sweet... I'm planning a HUGE TABH, as well as some fun giveaways, posts, and series. Come on! and get on the sponsor train... wooo-woooooooo!! (okay, it's way too late.) I'll just leave this here in case you're interested, and you can email me.

(By the way, the XL spot is taken for March, but it's available for April and beyond. I definitely have room in all the other sizes :))


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White on white

Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig< Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig

New wig time! I tried doing a blowout yesterday, like my hairstylist had done last week, but I just ended up with a frizzy mess. Guess I need more practice.

Either way, I got this new one from an ebay shop that carries Clair Beauty wigs- my diligent team of researchers (aka, my typin' fingers) told me that these ones were good. Not the best- but good. And thusly, I have some mixed feelings about it....

When I first put it on, I immediately loved it and it totally made me feel like a rock star. In my indie musician dreams, this is how my hair would look every. single. day. Long, bed head-y, mullet-y, and lookin' like I just don't give a WHAT. Plus it's close to my real color, and it actually feels like real hair.

However, it's a thinner and less sturdy than my other wigs by Gabalmania. I really don't mind this, because that means it's more manageable and easier to wear. I feel like I could walk around, and not feel like I have a sack of potatoes weighing down my head. But, the dealbreaker- it doesn't photograph as well as the Gabalmania one. This could just be due to my lack of styling... but in some photos, it looked like a mop and didn't hang as nicely.

I still think I'll still wear it/ photograph with it, and I already ordered another one as soon as I got this and tried it on, soooo.....

Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig

So enough about wigs, this is the dress I got at Lulu's style studio the other weekend! I know it's a little difficult to see, because of the background is white and so is the dress. But it's crochet-y and fancy- a dress you would normally wear to a wedding or a fancy-dancy dinner. Not my usual style. But I don't have a dress like this. My usual style categories: casual/ artsy/ twee/ hipster (yes, I said it.) So I thought, what the hell. Try something new. Take a chance.

When I put the dress on along with the wig, it inspired me to get a little punky rather than more adorned. I kept imagining Courtney Love, in her beautiful ballgowns, smeared lipstick, and ripped stockings. I don't think I completely succeeded in creating the grunge princess look of my dreams, but I loved adding the belt, accessories, and the fishnet thigh-highs that We Love Colors sent to me last year. (They'd been sitting in my drawer all that time, so glad to finally put them to good use!)

I wanted to further the pretty/ dirty effect with a beat-up pair of combat boots, but Matt said they were no bueno. Looks like we didn't even get a shot of my feet, so I totally could've rocked them anyway- haha. I guess it didn't turn out grungy, so much as... I don't know what. But I do like the result!

Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig Lulu's dress Clair Beauty wig Dress- c/o Lulu's/ necklaces- F21/ thigh-highs- c/o We love colors/ Belt- thrifted


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Blue & dots

Got my hair cut on Sunday, folks! Celebratin' time.

Urban outfitters jeans Urban outfitters jeans Urban outfitters jeans

My hair looks so unnaturally good here, because of the talented Miss Clara at Fox and Jane in the East Village. I got a haircut from her at a different salon last year, and it was the best haircut of my life!!! She really gets my hair. I know you know what a transcendent experience this is. She's ~*the one*~ of hairstylists. But when I tried to book her again, she'd moved on. I had to Yelp-stalk her to finally figure out where she's at now.

Speaking of hair, I really, really wish I had some blowdrying skillz. I usually just let it air-dry. Maybe run the flat iron through it, and put in some product. Though I think having a haircut that I actually like more will help. Why does nice hair always make a person feel so much better about themselves?

Urban outfitters jeans

Urban outfitters jeans

Also- I picked up these lovely jeans at the Urban Outfitters sale the other day. I saw the high waist. I saw the polka dots. I knew I was taking them home. Most clothing nowadays is definitely not made with my body type in mind. So when you find a shape that actually flatters your figure, you get it whenever you have the chance!

However, most UO jeans I've had have been a little stretchier than these ones. I got these knowing this, choosing the size that was a little tighter on me. So now I'm in that awkward phase of trying to stretch them out and mold them to my body. They are soooooo tight right now! But they look sooo awesome.

I was actually thinking of exchanging them, because I never sacrifice style for comfort. But then I saw these pictures... and I was very pleased. Guess I'll give them a little more time to do their thing.

Urban outfitters jeans Urban outfitters jeans
Scarf- F21/ Shirt- thrifted/ Necklace- Foxwoods/ Cardi- Tulle/ Jeans- UO/ Belt- Lulu's/ Socks- Show your legs on ebay/ Shoes- Easy spirits


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A new cafe opened up in the neighborhood... and big surprise! I've totally been creeping around, doing my coffee-and-journal thang there. It's called Skytown... isn't that a gorgeous name for a cafe?

I first discovered it last fall, when my friend Maeve and I made plans at a different place to meet up for coffee/ brunch. The original one we picked out was packed, and I happened to walk by Skytown along the way. So we went there instead, and that's how I came to have a new neighborhood cafe in my collection of favorites.

The weird thing about it though, is that's one of those awkwrd places that's a bar, but also a coffee shop with wifi. But it also serves food. But there are no servers. ... Well, there are servers, but only when it's evident that people are coming there to eat. I never know where I should order, or who from. Or if I can stay for three hours, or if I'm taking up someone's table.

Anyway, I ended up hanging out here the other night. It was interesting to note the bar crowd, as I was doing the more typical daytime-activity of writing and peppermint tea drinking. Either way, I'm looking forward to getting to know the place better :)

skytown brooklyn skytown brooklyn skytown brooklyn


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Sunday Songs ~ Joy Ike

I'd like to introduce everyone to Joy! What's cool about doing a Sunday Songs post about her is that we've been internet pals for a long time, and she might even be my first blogging friend. She runs a music blog called Grassrootsy that I started following a few years ago. She also guest-posted on the blog once for my online album release. Well, I preordered her album, and I finally got it a few weeks ago, and it's gorgeous!

She released this video along with the album, and I'm completely smitten with it. I'd say if you like my music at all, check out Joy. We even shared the same producer :)


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Happy Valentine's

Valentine's day

I spotted this heart lollipop the other day at a store called "Party Glitters" while refreshing my tissue paper supply (needed for mailing cd's.) I tried to take a few cutesy pictures with it... but sadly I had about five minutes, and the sun was fast disappearing. Wrangling the light is such a pain sometimes. Guess I'll try again tomorrow. (Get ready for a week's worth of heart lollipop photos, everyone!!! .....J/k.)

So any plans for tonight? I think there might be a tapas dinner in our immediate future, and I'm pretty excited. I'm not usually one to care much about this particular holiday, but I'm sort of looking forward to it this year, for some reason...

Also, because I'm feeling in the spirit, I wanted to give you guys a little something in celebration of the day. So today and tomorrow, you can get a download of my first album 'caught light' for 95% off. Yes, that is 45 cents, people. I originally wanted to make it completely free, but also wanted to generate a code just for blog readers :) And they don't let you go cheaper than 95%. So that special code is valentine95. Treasure it, enter it at checkout, and feel free to pass this info along :)

Have a happy day, pretties.

Valentine's Day

PS, one more Valentine's day gift... the winner of the knitted scarf giveaway from By the Porchlight is JellyBones! Congrats, and I'll contact you shortly. xx

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 2.28.22 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 2.28.34 AM


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Coffee Talk ~ Creativity

It's been documented here before, but one of my great joys in life is visiting cafes. To me, luxury is time. The time to allow yourself to go somewhere nice, and sit for awhile, and just be with yourself. I like to read, write, do work, or just people-watch. I've been writing nearly every day as part of my "creative recovery" process, and I've been finding out a lot of interesting things tucked away in my mind and heart.

Like the other day, I was on a cafe date with myself and thinking about the future. I've been kind of mean in telling myself lately that this "artist" thing is over for me. I should just set my sights on a whole new role in life, with all new goals. More attainable ones. It's been sad to feel like I have to let go of this wild part of myself, that just wants to spend every day creating and feeling inspired (nevermind that I feel like it has to be one kind of life or the other- it can never be both.) But everything else I've ever wanted to do is too hard, so I might as well relax and get comfortable becoming someone completely new.

But as I was in this cafe, the gentleman pictured below sat down at the table next to me. He simply started talking to his friend about his life. As I was eavesdropping on his exciting stories about traveling Europe, meditation, yoga, organic farms, and other frou-frou artsy stuff, I realized how much they were sparking my inspiration. So I asked him if I could take his picture to remember the moment.

guitar 2

I think it's really important to take notice of what inspires us and draws out our energy. They give us clues about ourselves. They can uncover secret dreams we might have buried beneath negative beliefs- what we want to be doing, and what kind of people we want to be. As the excitement of this man's stories was welling up inside of me, I realized that it's not frivolous at all to want to experience things like this for myself. It's normal and natural for me, and it's part of who I am.

Also, I've been taking stock of things that sap my energy... what makes me feel too run-down to try anymore. A big part of that is making creative goals, and them not leading to the "correct" place. If I make a record, it must be super successful in order to justify making another. If I have a blog, I must have tons of followers, or I suck and will never be any good. I let the non-fulfillment of my too-high expectations get me down. And although it's certainly never stopped me from doing exactly what I wanted to do, it's slowed me down. I've allowed it to take too much wind out of my sails over the years, delaying so many dreams. Killing ideas before they even began.

I used to think that having a new idea, that twinge of excitement, and the possibility of a new project meant that it was going to take me somewhere. It meant I was going to Be Something or Do Something. And if it didn't go where I wanted, well, then I was a failure. But now I see that the real joy of having an idea and being excited about it is that excitement! It doesn't have to have any real result other than to make you happy. This is such a liberating thought to me, I can't believe it's never even occurred to me before!

I know that the words "magical" and "inspiration" are a little cliched in the blogging world. But I really believe that we need to feel that magic in our lives- both for every-day good feelings, and especially for creative purposes. That childlike sense of wonder that helps us see things in a different way. We are so lucky when we get to experience this. And often, it takes a lot of work to really experience it.

I have to wake up, look at myself in the mirror single every day, and tell myself that I deserve joy. I deserve creativity. Actively try to seek it out and cultivate it. And do you know what happens when I do that? I get it.

So ask yourself these questions today-

~ What feels like luxury to me?
~ What event, situation, idea (etc.) genuinely perked up my inspiration or this week?
~ How have I been sapping energy away from myself?
~ How can I bring the "magic" back into my life?



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DIY ~ Cornstarch as Face Powder

I have a problem with face makeup... mainly, that I don't like to wear it. I hate the feel of foundation, and usually hate the way it looks, too. Of course when I take photos for the blog, it's the complete opposite. The more makeup I wear, the better I look, even if I feel like a drag queen. Makeup is so weird.

Anyway, I used to wear foundation for a brief period when I was in high school in order to feel more "mature." But that's the thing... a lot of times, when I wear any kind of face makeup, I think it makes me look older than I actually am. Not what I'm looking for at this time in my life :P I feel like a natural look for my skin suits me better for day-to-day. But sometimes (all the time), I want a more even skintone, and wish there was SOMETHING I could use.

Enter this neat little trick I learned recently...

Cornstarch face powder


Lulu's Style Studio Report!!

So as I mentioned, I scored an RSVP to the Lulu's Style Studio event on Saturday! I don't go to too many any other fashion week events. So I was pretty excited, and couldn't wait all week to go.

I got to the doors right at 6, but there was still a wait to get in. When I finally walked in the magic gates, the space was huge, beautiful, and there were more sponsor tables than last year. There were also tables with people doing demonstrations, and even makeup touchups! So I set about my business going around to each table and collecting a healthy amount of swag.

It was super fun to go through all the stalls by myself, but it was also a pleasure to run into a few friends, as well as meet some new people! Maria from Little Tree was particularly sweet :)

lulu's 3 lulu's 4 lulu's 8 lulu's 6

The item I'm looking forward to using most is this hair chalk!! I've been reading about this trend, and it seems like a great way to color your hair without commitment. There may even be a blog review in the not-too distant future :) The same nice ladies who gave me the hair chalk sample also put a pretty feather in my hair.

lulu's 9 lulu's 11 lulu's 10

I got to take some photos in front of the press wall!! I felt pretty confident in my outfit this year, even though I don't have a ton of clothes that are too "fashion-y" (last year I felt really underdressed.) So I decided just to go with an all black, casual-rocker chick look. Always appropriate.

Last but not least was the beautiful crochet dress that I was allowed to pick out- no pictures yet! I think might be perfect for Valentine's Day!

And now, for some non-glamorous details... just to keep it authentic. Drinking too much at the Lulu's party and feeling totally embarrassed about it the next day is practically a tradition at this point. So inevitable conclusion... the drinks were stronger than I realized, and by the end of the night I turned into a pumpkin. Boom, there it is. It had me feeling sad for most of yesterday, but! I also had a lot of fun! And in the end, there are worse things in the world than getting drunk at a party :P

lulu's 1 lulu's 7

What were you up to this weekend? xx


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Red room

Rockwood Music Hall

On Sunday, Matt and I stumbled out to a matinee show at Rockwood Music Hall. Rockwood has the reputation of being the finest little venue in the area to see singer-songwriters. I've actually wanted to play here for a long time, but they're very hard to get in touch with. Oh well, what can you do...

Well, my friend Julia DID get a gig here, and we went to go see her. Her music is interesting, being that it's not just straight-up singer songwriter stuff, but original compositions for musical theater. So she was playing the piano, but other people singing the lyrics. The place was packed when we got there. We couldn't even get in the main room, so we had to venture into the "overflow" room. It's a smaller space with a tv hooked up so that you can watch and listen to the performance going on in the next room. For this reason, I couldn't get any pictures of the performance!

We did, however, manage to get some photos of me (being the narcissist that I am, haha.) :P So we're in the overflow room... and even though there were people sitting at the bar and listening to the music, I couldn't help but notice the pretty red wall. So asked asked Matt to snap a few photos.

I've been noticing more and more lately that it feels weird to "model" in front of the random strangers, however, it's not as totally embarrassing as it has been in the past. Maybe I'm making some progress?

Rockwood Music Hall Rockwood Music Hall Rockwood Music Hall Rockwood Music Hall


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