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Puerto Rico moments

Thanks for hanging in there with me, folks :) I meant to put up these photos yesterday. But it turns out that instead, I just started typing and couldn't stop! I'm proud of that post, though. It's the truth. And I think the truth should be told sometimes... even on the Internet. Thank you guys for being so wonderful and supportive, and for your kind comments.

Well. As I recall, I did promise you more pictures... and darn-it, I intend to deliver on that. So here is a set of little moments and things that happened during our trip. I debated saving these pictures for last, but decided I'm going to post the horseback riding photos last instead. I'll let you know more about it tomorrow :)

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1. Matt wearing my sunglasses :)
2. We found this guy when taking a walk on the beach!
3. I love the smell of this suntan lotion.
4. Lilly pads in a nearby hotel that we snuck into.
5. Feet. Sand.
6. There were so many roadside stands... this one was selling hammocks.
7. Water sports!
8. Corona in the sand.
9. They had these amazing and very alcoholic drinks served in a coconut. They were called the "Pirate Special."
10. Sign on the beach.
11. Heart.
12. Drinks. I had mudslides the entire time :)



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  1. beautiful pictures, omg i laughed so hard with the fish crawl!

  2. That sign is HILARIOUS! lol Also, mudslides are the only alcoholic drinks i can stand honestly <.<

    1. those and white russians are my jam!

  3. That sign is awesome :) I've been looking through all you vacay pics and it looks like an amazing getaway! I've totally been wanting to go to Puerto Rico and how awesome that it was pretty spontaneous. You deserve a getaway, girl! Everyone does. Glad you enjoyed your time :)

    1. it was pretty cool! we visited a tiny town called rincon- which i thought was cute, but a little isolated. if you like relaxing and lounging by the hotel beach, go there! thanks, lis :) xx

  4. These pics are great, and they're making me thirsty (esp that last photo). As far as what you wrote the other day, I'm glad you feel better getting that out but you shouldn't have to feel guilty for enjoying your life. It's not like you're jet-setting to some place exotic every weekend, that would be pretty awesome. :)

    1. those drinks were soo good! i now realize that the last photo is of a "pirate special" and an orgasm- not mudslide. i felt totally cheesy ordering it, but both were equally delish :)

      i guess the guilt has more to do with the discomfort of moving to a new mindset, after struggling for years upon years. the struggle is familiar. and when things start to actually work out, it doesn't feel right.

  5. Wonderful photos! Fish should really quit smoking...lol! xxx

  6. Oh my those pictures are absolutely perfect!!! Ugh, it looks amazing! Specially love that Corona shot and LOL at the sign!

  7. I need vacations!! looks great and fun, corona yummy


  8. What great photos! I really love the one about not dropping your cigarette butts on the ground.


  9. Anonymous3/18/2013

    You capture such BEAUTIFUL pictures. Thanks for inspiring me to use my camera more :)

  10. Loved the pictures!!! Especially the sign on the beach...I am currently laughing out loud!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam


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