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So long, NYC... for now

hanco's park slope

Not-so-secret secret: I think Ariel is one awesome lady. I was working for her company this spring, and I must say, she's just the bee's knees. Funny, savvy, and started her own PR firm from scratch. I respect the hell out of her.

She also illuminated me to the existence of Vietnamese iced coffee (swoon!) It's like an iced mocha, but sooo much better. The trick is, they use sweetened condensed milk, along with traditional espresso. I've been meaning to look up a proper recipe and share it on the blog... I will one of these days!

Anyway... I'm going to miss the joys of NYC. The inspiring feeling of being around relentlessly driven people. As well as little things, like delicious beverages on demand. I'm giving it all up for the promise of bright sun, blue skies, a hundred new best friends overnight, and bringing knowledge and fun into the lives of kids. Camp life. Which is equally as great as city life, but in different ways.

I'm leaving on Sunday. One of my roomies from last year, Lynnette, will be coming into the city tonight and staying with me until we leave! After that we're gonna catch a bus uptown, which will transport all the international staff (and me) directly to the site. And what follows... Pandemonium? Heartache? Happiness? Gratification? Any combination of those things, really.

Very stream-of-conscious post... I actually only meant to write about iced coffee, haha. But I guess this is my send-off. I've got some wonderful posts lined up for you in the next few weeks, and will report back when the coast is clear :)

See you guys on the flip side! xoxo!!


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  1. looks and sounds delicious!
    have fun at camp!

    1. it is :P thanks so much! i will have all the fun :)

  2. Sounds like an awesome adventure to me! Have a blast!

  3. I love condensed milk, i can eat that alone, and about your new adventure, good luck and be positive


    1. i love condensed milk too... i think it's a pretty genius move to put it into coffee. but yeah, i agree it could go with so many other things, including directly in my mouth :) thanks!

  4. That looks amazing - definitely have to try this one of these days!

    Good luck - can't wait for future posts!


    1. thank you, lovely! you live near the city, right? you MUST get down to hanco's in park slope :) xx

  5. Awe, congrats! Make the most of it and have a blast! ;D

    Tight hugs!

  6. You'll be missed! Have fun! :)

  7. mmm that iced coffee sounds delish!

  8. I love that you know Ariel! I subscribe to her newsletter and worked for one of her clients on tour for a long time. She is one smart lady. I've never had vietnamese coffee before, but maybe I'll give it a shot now.



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