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Like I mentioned last week, I am sooo in love with the idea of having a collection of hats lately! So the other day I picked up this cute little porkpie. Of course the instant I put it on, I was reminded of the almighty Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. How did you guys like that season finale, huh?? I won't spoil it for any who didn't see it yet, but... yeah. Breaking Bad makes my feel all the feels.

20130927-IMG_3477 20130927-IMG_3478

This purse is really special, because my parents used to have a used/ vintage furniture store. They still go to auctions from time to time, trying to pick up sweet deals. On one trip they saw this purse and thought I'd like it, and snagged it for me :) They're always giving me little things they pick at their yard sales, thrift store trips, and auctions. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, I like the way the vintage-ey purse jives with the modern black-and-white combo that I'm wearing. What do you think?

20130927-IMG_3508 20130927-IMG_3476
hat and shirt- forever21/ shorts- urban outfitters/ tights- target/ shoes- vintage

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Wrap Up this Autumn! This Season’s Top Knitwear Styles

Guys, I am really, really loving knits this fall. I’ve been getting super excited about the possibility of sweaters, hats, and scarves. And as we say goodbye to the summer season, it’s time to pull out our autumn clothes from the back of the wardrobe and figure out what extra bits and pieces we need to look amazing during autumn 2013!

As the cold weather draws nearer, now is a wonderful time to start stocking up on women’s knitwear to keep you warm on milder days. While it’s not time to pull out the winter coat just yet, women’s cardigans and jumpers can help to keep the chill at bay. I’ve been browsing some amazing selections from online boutique George, and here are some of my favorites!

george 1

The Grid Stitch Jumper
I’d love this sweater for super simple looks- it would be perfect with a pair of skinny or bootcut jeans! I’d also love to jazz it up with a peter pan collar underneath, or paired with a cute floral skirt or dress. This sweater will definitely help keep you warm on cooler days. (The Grid Stitch is also available in cardigan form too – perfect to sling on over a plain jersey T for a casual, effortless look!)

george 2

Textured Knits
Available in cardigan and jumper form, the textured knit offers something a little different to the norm and there are various, interesting colours available from George, including the pearlescent knit cardigan, available in blackcurrant and royal blue. The open fronts of these cardigans exude a chilled out and relaxed look, without shirking on style.

george 3

Animal Print
As autumn approaches, the animal print trend continues to go strong, with plenty of options still available, proving that this print is still at the height of popularity! There is a variety of styles like this at George- from this leopard print cardigan for a simple look, to the more striking, fierce animal print of this fascinating monochrome cardigan. All of them are fabulous, and I’d love to team them with a pair of skinny jeans or a solid-colored skirt.

george 4

Creature Comforts
I’m absolutely in love with knits and tops with cute little creatures emblazoned on the front. These pieces have been finding their way onto the fashion racks for quite some time, and this autumn is no different! I’m really digging this funky jumper with a sweet little racoon on the front, and this cute penguin jumper. This type of item injects a little freshness into your wardrobe!

george 5

Just because the weather may be taking a dull turn doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to! There’s no reason why you can’t still wear bright colours during the autumnal months – warm colours such as reds and oranges would look perfect at this time of year. I’m personally loving this turquoise sweater, and melon velour sweater.

I don’t know about your, but I’ll be stocking up my wardrobe with some fabulous autumnal threads! What are your favorite fall trends?

Post sponsored by George


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Union Square Market

Union Square Farmer's Market Union Square Farmer's Market Union Square Farmer's Market Union Square Farmer's Market Union Square Farmer's Market Union Square Farmer's Market Union Square Farmer's Market

I know, it's probably looking like I have a fetish for farmer's markets (I totally do.) But this is the mother of all of them in my book... it's the Union Square Farmer's Market!!

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday farmers come to sell the most delicious produce, meat, cheese, bread... anything you can think of! When I remember to, I love to come here and stock up on fresh vegetables and eggs. Plus in the winter time, more artisans come to sell other things like clothing, jewelry, specialty soaps, and coffee... you can bet on me posting about it when the holidays roll around!

Anyway, hope you all are having a super special day :) xox


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New/ old friends

20130905-IMG_2593 20130905-IMG_2592 20130905-IMG_2587

One of the first things I did when I came back to the city was hit up my friend James for a brunch and a chat. He was literally the first friend I made in college... and can you believe we're still in touch?!

James is one of those friends that I would run into sporadically, while in my own swirl of life... bumping into him here and there. Must've been the Universe telling me that we needed to be better friends :) So we had this nice brunch at this delicious spot (he always knows the best places), and a walk through a nearby park. Wonderful way to spend a day!

20130905-IMG_2602 20130905-IMG_2613

Hope your day is fantastic so far!! xxo


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Long time coming...

Let's play a bit of eye spy, shall we? Here goes...

Notice anything different about this picture?

I debated posting about this, because I generally like to keep my relationship private. But in the end, I thought I'd let you guys know. It is a major life event after all :)

My guy and I, we've been together for a long time. Actually, most people balk when they hear how long it's been. They immediately ask why he hasn't married me yet. But the fact of the matter is, I was the one that was put off of the concept of marriage.

I won't really go into why, but I will say that I don't think marriage status defines a person. I don't think it makes me whole, or validates me as a woman now that I'm engaged. I'm the same as before... we're the same as before. I see so many people flipping the heck out when they get engaged or married, as if it's the only thing it matters in life.

And you know what? It is exciting! It's a wonderful thing! ...

But as women, I hate the fact that we've been taught since we're itty-bitty that our value correlates directly to #1, how attractive we are, and #2 our marriageability. I've been fighting against this concept since I realized it. I never wanted to be "tied down," and I always vowed to find solace inside myself, first and foremost.

What some people don't realize (or conveniently forget) is that being in a relationship can feel even lonelier than being alone. So many people sacrifice themselves in relationships that don't work, just to have someone. In fact, I have experienced this at times in my current relationship as well, which is why I thought for awhile that we might not make it as a couple. It turns out that this was just a part of our journey, and there were some things that we both needed to figure out. But this is part of the reason why it's a pet peeve of mine that some people thing that a partner 'completes you.' They don't. They can't.

But... at some point, i just had to get over it. We talked about this for a long time, and I eventually decided that I had to take the chance... not just to get over myself, but to get over my fears about it. And to finally stop fighting. I don't need to fight all the battles and wrongs of society's view of women by myself. This is my life.

+ What I am excited about is having a partner... a real partner in life, and I never realized how powerful that would be, once made 'official.'
+ I look back and realize that we have been growing together for a really long time, not apart.
+ I know that he has my back, and I have his.
+ We'll always have someone to talk to, and be each other's cheerleader.
+ Always a support. For both of us. And so much more.

I think that long before you ever think about what a partner can do to make you happy, you need to figure out what it is that makes yourself happy. Marriage isn't for everyone, and that's okay.

I never thought it would be for me, but I guess I was wrong. And I'm so glad I was :)

PS, to get all girly juuust for a second... MY RING IS AMAZING. Totally my dream ring :)) xxo


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Army Navy

Jo Totes Gracie

Good morning! Hope your weekend was wonderful. I wore this simple little outfit when we went out to go shopping for new bedding on Saturday. So thrilling, right? Haha. It was a windy day, so my hat kept trying to blow right off my head...

Jo Totes Gracie
yes, that is the word 'love' written on this wall! the things you'll find in brooklyn...

Jo Totes Gracie

But seriously, back to beds... we'd been using the same ratty comforter that I thrifted at Bedford Salvation Army forever ago. It was always cute, but never quite warm enough, and we always had to layer other blankets. While shopping, we ended up getting a down comforter and duvet cover. (Wow, I have never felt as adult on this blog as just now, when I typed "duvet cover" ... :P) Anyway, have you ever experienced a down comforter? My oh my, it is heaven. Also, I'm looking forward to sporting a new look in the bedroom, with the new clean and modern off white bed cover! Coziest room evar...

Okay, sooo clothing. The lovely people at Choies sent me this wonderful military trench to call my very own! I'm super stoked about it... I've been wanting a coat like this for years! I've always had this problem... I never have enough jackets when the seasons transition- only a few hoodies and a jean jacket. This one is great- it is lightweight, yet I can tell it will keep the chill away. I'm so excited to wear it more as the days get cooler!

Jo Totes Gracie Jo Totes Gracie

Also, I'm foraying into new hat territory here, people. I still do and always will have a special place in my heart for my beloved beanies. However, new styles are just so fun! I have to admit, I was inspired to pick this one up after seeing the same one on Melissa of Bubby and Bean.

I want a bigger variety of hats...

Jo Totes Gracie Jo Totes Gracie
trench- c/o choies/ hat- target/ shirt- thrifted/ jeans- urban outfitters/ boots- modcloth/ necklaces- f21, mother, grandmother/ bag- jo totes


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My music in an indie film!!

Friends! I have some really cool news today :)

One huge goal of mine has been to have my music placed in movies/ TV/ commercials. So I'm happy to say that some of my songs made it into a really amazing independent film called The Worst Year of My Life!! The film is still currently in post-production, so it's not out yet. BUT they've got a Kickstarter going right now to fund the last bits of post-production expenses! My song "Don't Wanna Wait" is very prominently featured in the trailer (which you will see if you watch the video), and I couldn't be happier!!

Go check it out & donate if you are feeling generous... there's only a few more days to go!

Eeeek, so excited!! Hope you're having a great day!


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Baltimore show

Baltimore 2Baltimore 2Baltimore

We have to go back in time a bit in order to remember this moment. I played a show in Maryland back in August... yes, these pictures are from August! I just hadn't gotten around to making a post about it.

Anyway, I'm always saying how I want to play more shows, so I actually booked one a few months back at the Pure Wine Cafe in Baltimore. It was a lovely time. I was lucky enough to see my awesome friend Jessica, who kindly let me stay at her apartment (see above photos!), and ran my merch stand for me! Whatta gal.

Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore

I played in-the-round-style with another wonderful singer/songwriter, Teporah... who it turns out, we used to chat with each other about music all the way back in the age of Myspace! We thought it was really cool that we already "knew" each other, and had a great time playing together. But wait, the synchronicity doesn't end there...


I also got to meet another blogger who I've been friendly with since I started ChantillySongs... Mary from Uncustomary! She saw me tweet about the show, and came out! I was so excited to meet her, and she is a super sweetheart.


It was really a whirlwind... I ended up having to wake up at 6am the following morning in order to make it all the way up to Maine in the exact same day. The show was lovely, but that day... that was not my favorite day :P More on Maine later...

Anyway... yayyy!!


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