March 03, 2020

What to wear in New Orleans // Southern Belle Aesthetic

Shein floral dress outfit

Why I DO declare! 

Hi cuties! How's your week going?

As you can tell, I'm trying to pop in here a little more often with updates and posts. I loved writing the last blog about New Orleans (I wrote most of it on the plane ride back!), and I just wanted to share with my favorite look for the trip!

So as you can tell from my last post, I fell hard for New Orleans. And when I was thinking about what to wear there, my first instinct was to conjure up some super femme, southern belle vibes. This gorgeous floral dress from Shein was literally perfect!

Shein floral dress outfit

Photos by NOLA Host

When I saw this dress, I knew I had to wear it in New Orleans. It was exactly what I was looking for. The pink floral pattern, lace collar and ruffled hem were totally the feel I was going for.

Not only that, but I can't tell you the number of compliments I received while wearing this dress!

First of all... that cashier at Cafe Beignet legit thought I was Zooey Deschanel. 😱😱 Like what?!  When I was ordering, she kept staring at me, then finally asked me if I was her. I mean... I don't seriously think I look like Zooey except for the dark hair + bangs. Still, it was one of the most flattering moments of my life.

Dear Cafe Beignet cashier girl... just know if you're out there you totally made my whole entire month 💓


Next thing.... And I really don't mean this in a braggy way ... but as I was walking down the street, several strangers kept stopping me to compliment me. One guy was walking past- and he stopped, smiled, and said all Southern gentlemanly "Well, you sure do look nice today, miss." 😍 Another group of guys bowed down and declared me 'Queen of the Sidewalk.'

And my ego grew 10 sizes that day 😂

Haha, okay.. Now I'm officially done basking in the memory of all those compliments. But I really do think that when you're wearing something you're confident in, it shines out of you and people notice!

Anyway, hope you're having a lovely week friends! What are you up to?

Jackson Square New Orleans

Shein dress outfit

Shein dress outfit

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