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Honey and the Moon

Honey and the Moon Review

In the past, I haven't been much of a perfume girl. I guess maybe because I'm a singer? When I started taking voice lessons for the first time, my teacher told me perfumes were a no-no. It "dries out" your nasal passages or something. Truthfully, heavy or cheap perfumes sometimes do bother me. I especially tend to hate most floral-y or "clean" smelling stuff, and gravitate toward sweet smells... strange as it may be, Aquolina Pink Sugar was the only perfume I could stand for a long time. (Hey- sometimes you just want to smell like a cupcake!)

A few years ago, I sprayed Honey and the Moon by Tokyo Milk on myself at an Anthropologie. Despite my avoidance of scents, my mind hasn't been haven't been able to let go of it since! I finally ordered a bottle for myself a few months ago, and it was everything I remembered it to be. It's delicious yet mature... I just wish it came in a bigger bottle!

The purchase has opened the door to a world of fragrances, and now I've got about four that I wear regularly. Even though I'm still pretty picky :P

And that is the story of the evolvement of my relationship with perfume. Which I'm sure you were all dying to know :)

Do you have a favorite or signature scent? xxo

Tokyo Milk Honey and the Moon Review


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  1. Ooo I love finding out about new perfumes that don't make you stink like a flower! Long story short I used to wear honeysuckle body spray & cherry blossom body spray from Bath & body works and after being chased & stung by several bees I quit wearing perfumes all together. No more flowery scents for me. But then I discovered Coach Poppy and it's a soft smell that is really quite pretty! I'll have to keep my out for Honey & The Moon! Cute name too! =)


    1. I had to order it from a site I found online! It used to be in a few stores like Anthro and Urban... but I haven't seen it anywhere for awhile. If you like sweet scents that aren't cloying you should definitely check it out! Also there's The Perfumed Court... a site that will make a decanter of any perfume you like so you can try it out.

  2. My signature scent is Sensual Amber by Bath and Body Works. It is amazing and the best.

  3. YES, Tokyo Milk!! My salon used to sell their products, and recently everything was put on sale so I snagged up a bunch of candles and perfumes! My favorite perfume is their Gin & Rosewater. I'm the same way as you, really picky about my perfumes and I've only worn about 4 different ones my whole life. Glad you posted this, now I might have to try this scent as well! :)

    <3 Kelsey
    Chaos Parade

    1. dude, if your salon has another sale, let me know! i'd love to pick up some of their stuff for cheap... been also wanting 'let them eat cake.' xo!

  4. Sounds kind of lovely!

  5. I don't usually like perfumes either but when I find one I like, I'm stuck on it! When I was in Italy as a student, a friend and I stumbled into Sephora and found Paul Smith's Rose. We both bought it on the spot! I can never find it state side so anytime I'm back over there, I have to restock :)


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