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Happy Thanksgiving!


Hey all-

I'm taking a few days off from blogging to be with family. Hope everyone is has a wonderful holiday weekend :) xoxoox


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Brunch :)

brunch brunch brunch brunch brunch

Had a lovely little impromptu brunch with my friend Damon last week. He asked me if I would take some head shots of him for his resume, and i was happy to oblige. I was treated to eggs and coffee afterwards. Damon's a wonderful friend, and has given me lots of great advice about the music industry in the past few years (he does A&R for a label.)

Anyway, the place we hit up was called Urban Rustic, and it lived up to its name! Decked out in rich wood everywhere, fresh flowers at every table, AND free wifi. Who could ask for anything more? :)

I miss posts like this... just snaps of the everyday stuff I do & hanging out with friends. I'll make an effort to do more of them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, lovely loves!!


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Datevitation Review and Giveaway!

The hearts cover is so adorable!!

True story- when I was little, I had a period of being obsessed with making these little "coupon books" for my friends and family. I forgot where I got the idea, but I distinctly remember giving one to my mom on mother's day, and another friend for her birthday. It seemed like such a nice and unique present for someone that you love.

So when Datevitation, contacted me recently, I was intrigued. They're a company that makes custom love coupon books, similar to the ones I used to put together in my childhood- but a lot more fancy (i.e. not with spiral notebook paper & pen :P) They asked me if I wanted to make my own book and review it, and I was delighted to try it out :)


So what even is a "love coupon book?" Glad you asked. It's a little gift book to give you someone full of "coupons" that they are able to "redeem" with you later. They'll all say something like... "This coupon is good for one kiss, anywhere, anytime." Or, "I'll take you on a picnic in Central Park! Name the date." As you can imagine, you can really go anywhere with this idea... and Datevitation has over 500 of them complete with illustrations.

The experience of making a book is super easy. First, it guides you through and asks for the genders of the involved parties, and whether the relationship is romantic or friendly. You then choose a cover for your book- it can be for a special occasion- like Christmas or a birthday- or just to say I love you.

Then you get to pick your dates, which are grouped by category. If you're a thrill-seeker, you can look under the "Adrenaline" tag. If you're more of a sensitive soul, maybe go for "Artistic" dates. And so on. You can even choose things like "Win an argument," or "Remote control." Hell, I made one telling Matt I'd clean the entire apartment! They also have more adult (ahem... sexy) options...

As you pick out your dates, you can customize the words, and even upload your own photos to go with the illustrations.

Datevitation Datevitation

Long story short, I wanted to wait until Christmas to give Matt his little booklet, but couldn't wait. I just handed it to him out of the blue one day recently. He was touched, felt appreciated, and thought it was really cute :)

As part of this review today, Datevitation and I are giving away one coupon booklet to a lucky reader!

In addition, you can use the code CHANTILLYSONGS for $10 off your purchase plus free shipping!! That means you can get your loved one a one-of-a-kind gift for Christmas starting at just $15! (The order cut-off date for guaranteed delivery by Christmas is December 13 so make sure to get your order in before then!) These little books can be such a great gift idea, especially with the holidays coming up... this is a great deal!

For the giveaway... just be a follower of my blog, then do bonus entries to your heart's content :) Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Chambray and Pink!

Tulle Coat Tulle Coat

I've been looking for a nice, sturdy chambray shirt. A good one's kinda hard to find... much like a good man :P It just seems like one of those wardrobe staples that everyone needs, and I've seen them everywhere recently. I'm not normally such a trend-hunter, but suddenly, I found myself feeling very lacking in the chambray department! The horror!!

Well and lo and behold, I was browsing on the lovely site Brag Vintage, and found one that seemed just right. This particular shirt is Diesel, and it was a super great price, too. I'm happy to have finally found my chambray soul-match, and am looking forward to using it as a layering piece, and creating many (many) Canadian tuxedos with it.

Tulle Coat

Like I said, I'm never the first one to hop on the new-trends-train. So imagine my surprise and (horror!!) to find out that pink coats are "a thing" this season. Like an official fashion thing. I picked this one up recently at a Tulle sale to the tune of of $22 (hot damn!!) I just thought it looked classy, and happened to be a color I wouldn't normally wear. I'm trying to embrace more pink in my life lately... I used to fear that it made me appear way too girly.

For once, I am actually on-trend, and I don't know how I feel about it. I've gotten so many compliments on it, already though. Just hope I'm not a fashion victim six months down the line.

Tulle Coat Tulle Coat
Denim shirt- Brag Vintage/ Skirt- F21/ Cardi- Strawberry/ Tights- We Love Colors/ Coat- Tulle/ Hat- thrifted/ Loafers- Urban Jungle


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Life Moments

chantilly chantilly chantilly chantilly chantilly chantilly

1. Thai iced tea perfection
2. A cool restaurant!
3. Beautiful fall leaves...
4. Most recent Noise Collective event
5. Some cool graffiti spotted in Manhattan
6. Love me some rugelach!

Despite some of the emotional blips that I mentioned in the last post, this week has been pretty great. I've been wearing literally the coziest sweater I've ever owned for a week straight (I tend to do this with new clothes I really adore :P) I finally found the perfect cozy/ giant scarf I've been dreaming of at Forever 21 of all places (there will be a post!!) And the audio for the EP is almost done (woah! scary and exciting!!)

Also, I also saw my very first Broadway show last weekend! Matt's mother came down to the City, and we went to go see Chicago. I've seen the movie before, but seeing the show in person was unreal ... and all that jazz!! :D

How has your week been?? xx


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Coffee Talk ~ New EP!!


This post went up yesterday, but I actually meant for it to be scheduled for today... so sorry for the double-post!! xo

Happy day everyone!!

Have you all been staying cozy out there? The weather is turning cold here on the east coast... I've been bundling up in lots of layers, as well as nurturing a new fondness for huge sweaters and gigantic (GIGANTIC) scarves. I've also been doing lots of thinking about my budding baby project, and have got EP-makin' on the brain!

Saul and I have been doing a lot of communicating... he sends me new mixes, arrangements, and ideas as frequently as I can give him feedback about them. We have this Google doc that we continually populate with new information and thoughts about the way things are sounding. It's an exciting time, and I'm really happy about everything so far!!

But... I need to get something off of my chest- embarking on a collaborative creative endeavor with someone on an opposite coast is tricky... he is in LA. I am in New York. It feels a little clunky. He has a huge amount of control over things, and that's nerve-wracking for a nutball like me.

I keep thinking of handing over the keys to your intimate space to some rowdy, randy teenager... who's to say they won't have a massive party the second your back is turned and trash the place?? ... Now of course, I know he is doing right by the songs. He won't really throw an epic kegger, spill beer all over the drapes, and puke on all the carpets. But still... imagine putting something reallly important to you completely in someone else's hands.

So the control thing is an issue. But the main thing is this- I'm not able to be present to shape the arrangements and overall feel of the songs. This makes me feel like I'm really just a superfluous part of the process... of my EP. He gets to do all the creative fun stuff, and I just sit back and sip my diet coke. Or coffee. Whatever.

I've been doing lots of thinking about all this... and I realize that with everything that makes you uncomfortable, there's always a lesson.

I've always been a person who feels she has to do everything on her own. But really... that belief is just so limiting. I'm coming to realize that it is in fact, okay to receive help. Especially when I can't do something myself. I can't play drums. Or bass, or banjo, or harmonium. I don't know how to properly EQ vocals, and I couldn't tell you what proper mic placement for an acoustic guitar. But I got someone who knows how to do all those things! And he's doing them all for me! That's pretty cool.

In this instance, letting go of control of some creative content is the lesson to learn. I don't have to feel guilty that I'm not doing what I "should" be. That I'm not a *real artist* if I don't have a hand in every single step of the process. It's just the way things are for this. And honestly... it's the way that a lot of recordings are made.

In the end, they're my songs. It's my name on it. And I'm the one taking the risk.

Plus, I can't complain about the results... they're stunning :)

Anyway, I don't know how much of this story you guys are going to relate to. I know most of you aren't out there making albums and recordings... and I really only meant to make this an update about the way things are going, not a soul-journey into the abyss of my fears. But... maybe some of you can understand/ or have your own epiphanies to share. Learn any good life lessons lately? xxo

PS, very off-topic, but please check out this giveaway from my lovely sponsor Glitz and Love! They are giving away one of their magical pieces of jewelry to one of their Facebook fans :) xxo


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Winter Flowers

Choies winter sweater Choies winter sweater

This might be a bit forward, but I need to get this off my chest. Out of all my cardigans I've ever owned, this is just about the coolest one I've had yet. The drapey-ness, the fringe, the wicked awesome floral pattern... I'm in cardigan heaven. Plus, it's thick, cozy, and warm. What's not to love? I can even twirl around in it and pretend I'm Misty Day (I know, I'm just a little obsessed with AHS lately...)

Anyway... how was everyone's weekend?? Hope it was a good one.

Choies sweater Choies sweater

Oh and also... meet my new favorite chunky scarf from Etsy! I find this color goes with so much more than I thought it would.

And... did I mention I love twirling in this cardigan? I sure do...

Choies sweater Choies sweater
cardigan c/o choies/ shirt- thrifted/ scarf- a. marie knits etsy/ pants- uniqlo/ hat- f21/ shoes- c/o the scarpetta

Have a wonderful day ♥♥


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This week...


Sheesh, where did the week go? I had some cool posts planned, and just couldn't get around to putting them up! Here's a taste of what I've been up to:

~ Taught classes and students.
~ Played a show.
~ Felt pretty good about said show, and had a trip down memory lane when I visited a familiar venue across the street.
~ Saw old friends.
~ Had the monthly Noise Collective party.
~ Watched American Horror Story... I love this season so much.
~ Listened to new arrangements for the EP & made notes, etc.
~ Thinking and planning a lot, a lot, a LOT about its release.
~ Sent out an email blast (it's been forever.)
~ Made BBQ ribs in the crock pot! (First time!)
~ Found a cool Mexican blanket & perfect pair of loafers from my favorite vintage store. Less than $20 (this was today!!)

Off topic maybe, but sometimes I wish I were a better self-manager.

Because even though this list sounds fun and highlights all the good, I still get stressed out handling lots of little tasks. Especially if I can't find a moment to get away to take care of things. And by get away, I mean literally leave my house and go somewhere else to feel productive/ get inspiration. My head swims in all possible activities, with no release for them. Too many plans and too many dreams stuck in limbo... Creatively limp. And that is noooo fun.

Either way, I don't mean to sound negative. Been trying to keep the positivity flowing recently. Things are good. I have lots to be grateful for :) Just wanted to let you where my mind's at.



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Recipe- Quinoa Sweet Potato Pies

sweet potato quinoa cakes recipe

Okayy, so these are really more like patties than pies... but 'pies' just sounds cuter :) And of course, there's totally a story behind me making them...

As you might know, I took a trip earlier in the fall with my musical co-conspiritor Saul to track vocals, guitars, and other stuffs for my exciting and newest yet-to-be-titled EP. We stayed in some cabins owned by family friends Jim and Doreen. We each had our very own cabin for the week!

One night, Saul & I were rumbling around in my kitchen, trying to figure out something for dinner. This was surprisingly hard... because we're both serial snackers and bought mostly granola, nuts, eggs, cereal and other doo-dads. We didn't really get enough supplies to make real meals every night. We were about to cobble together some god-knows-what, when Doreen popped over and saved the day with some extra food she had made- sweet potato/ quinoa and greens!! She must've been reading our minds.

I've been meaning to try my hand at it since I got back, and finally got the chance this weekend. So here's what I came up with...

You need:
1 large sweet potato
1 cup quinoa
1 tbs butter
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 cup bread crumbs
2 shakes cayenne pepper

You need to:
- Prepare the quinoa, and sweet potato (I baked mine.) Then mash them together in a big bowl. Add the butter, salt, garlic powder, bread crumbs & cayenne pepper.

- Form into patties about 3-inches across. You can make them as big or small as you want, but I ended up liking the thinner, smaller ones better :)

- Fry over medium heat in butter, or another cooking oil of your choice.

- Do each side about 3-4 minutes each side, or until it is slightly browned.

Mine ended up turning out sort of smushy. Next time, I'll add more quinoa and bread crumbs. They were still SO magnificently delicious though. And healthy!

sweet potato quinoa cakes recipe


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Wear the Crown

flower crown

Hope everyone's last few days have been super blissful :) Mine were sort of uneventful and consisted mainly of pizza, sleeping in, and doing laundry. What can you do... Sometimes you just need a lazy weekend.

Anyway, here is my Monday outfit. Do you like it? I'm so glad to have incorporated this flower crown- sold by the same Etsy seller that I mentioned in Friday's post. I originally started thinking about flower crowns as a new style idea for the new EP cover. I ended up ordering two, but decided I just wanted to wear them for funsies instead. They're stupendously pretty.

Flower crown Flower crown Flower crown

Also, the moto jacked that I am wearing is a totally awesome thrift find from the trip with my mom, last time I was in Rhode Island. I'm not sure I love the way it photographs, and it's not as warm as I'd like. But for $10, you can't go wrong!!

PS, very unrelated to the style post, but I have been reading about the typhoon in the Philippines, and it is just awful. If you are interested in helping, here is a list of places you can donate to.

Flower crown Flower crown
Moto jacket- thrifted/ top & gloves- uo/ skirt, socks, & necklace- f21/ tights- we love colors/ booties- c/o the scarpetta/ flower crown- fairytale weeds etsy shop


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