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Best Makeup Products ~ Eyes and Skin

Nars cosmetics

I haven’t done a makeup-related post in awhile, and have been gathering quite a few new products in these past few months. My beauty routine is an ever-changing thing, and I'm always switching it up according to my mood, new styles, and new finds. So I thought I’d let everyone know what products are currently making me swoon.

To preface all this, I’ve got to say that I’ve become quite the snob this year, turning my nose up at a great many drugstore products. I find I get more excited over using things that make me feel more “expensive.” ☺ And I now carefully curate just a few things that I really want, rather than binge-buying tons of cheaper items.

Until this year, I hadn’t worn foundation since high school. All I could picture was the orange, cakey mess that would usually happen when I tried to apply it then.

And well, to tell you the truth, I'm still really not much of a fan. It's BB cream all the way for me... and the real Korean stuff, not the American versions. They’re lighter, and better for your skin than even a tinted moisturizer. I like Skinfood and Etude House. Just a few dabs even out my skin and don’t make me feel like I’m wearing gobs of makeup ☺ And the packaging is usually so cute!!

As far as moisturizer, I was just using Trader Joes coconut oil for awhile! It was smooth sailing until that jar broke. I picked up another brand, and promptly got three HUGE zits that have been taking me months to get rid of... Such sad. So horror. WOW. ...So recently, I've just been taking it easy, and using Lush's Vanishing Cream.

This is also the year that I've been wearing a lot more sunscreen. Like, constantly. I always found most sunscreens to make my face look shiny and plastic-y, but Neutrogena dry touch has been a godsend for me.

This seems to be a year of firsts, I guess. Because this is the first year that I’ve paid any real attention to eyeliner… ever. I always associated it with the girls in school who favored the “raccoon” look (accompanied by the cakey orange foundation, of course.)

But recently, I’ve discovered that I do like the look of a heavy eye… I just use dark brown rather than black. Even though black is standard, I still feel like it can look a little harsh on me. My favorite liner right now is Makeup Forever’s aqua liner in matte brown. It stays put, and the color is perfect. I also use Sephora’s waterproof liquid liner on my top lid (matte brown.)

I still don't tend to wear a ton of eyeshadow... Usually it's just a MAC paint, along with a Besame highlighter shadow I've been using for years. I’ve been paying more attention to my brows lately though, filling them in a dark brown matte eyeshadow to help shape them, and keeping them in place with a clear masacara.

I top it all off with Covergirl's lashblast mascara, or a natural looking pair of false eyelashes. And that's it!

Part two (cheeks & lips) will be next week!! xxo

nars multiple


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Cat in a Box

cat in a box

This is Thelonious. She really likes being in this box.

In fact, all my cats love being in boxes. Do any other cat mothers and fathers out there know what I'm talking about? Can I get an amen? You bring home a new microwave or something, and they're obsessed with the packaging. Much more so than any toys you give them. This here actually happens to be a box tower Yes, several boxes stacked on top of one another, so that more than one cat can occupy it at once. Matt called it "kitty apartments."

Anyway, just wanted to pop in, and say hello, and show you this adorable picture of my girl in her "secret" spot :P Happy Wednesday.



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urban outfitters top urban outfitters lace top

It feels a little odd to be wearing sunglasses in the winter... yet I couldn't help busting these babies out on a recent walk around our neighborhood. See, once upon a time the temperature was actually above freezing :) And I felt quite fine strutting around in my new cute lace top and cuter sunglasses.

Longing for warmth...

~ Trying to not have cabin fever (so much snow and cold just makes me want to become a shut-in... then I get super bored.)
~ Been thinking (very tentatively) about wedding plans.
~ Been getting some unexpected work and freelance stuff out of the blue. yay!!
~ Went to the Russian bath house in the East Village this weekend (it's basically a series of really hot saunas.) Detoxifying my body feels amazing.
~ Been hella procrastinating on stuff for the new EP. I think I'm really scared of making and releasing this one, for some reason. Ha, too late for that now!
~ Things with Noise Collective have been going good. Through them, I've spearheaded a new series of songwriting workshops for NYC artists, and I'm really enjoying it.

~ Having doubts and anxiety about some things.
~ But it's okay, because I'm a human.

The end.

How was your weekend, by the way?

flower crown Sunglasses c/o Choies // Top- Urban Outfitters // Cardigan- thrifted // Mocs- Minnetonka // Neck pouch- Etsy


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Eastwick Bushwick Eastwick Bushwick Eastwick Bushwick Eastwick Bushwick Eastwick Bushwick

My god, it has been too long since I've had a proper brunch. We used to find a way to go every single weekend. But now between Noise Collective, errands, and making sure we can get style photos done during daylight, I'm usually busy on the weekends during the all-important brunch hours. But this weekend, we managed to sneak away from some responsibilities and snag a mimosa at a new favorite eatery called Eastwick :)

A return to the old. Happy times.


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Do My Little Twirl

Oasap skirt Choies

I was feeling a little stale on this day. My hair was frizzy. It was cold. I didn't really want to dress up at all. Maybe it's just the winter blues. So I threw this wig on, because I wanted to remember that I am the girl who loves to twirl around. I am the girl who loves to dance. I am the girl who loves to feel free, and do things like wear Korean fashion wigs to coffee on a Saturday afternoon.

I think it did the trick for that day.

Brogues Fashion Fashion
Blouse- c/o Choies // Skirt c/o Oasap // Brogues c/o Persunmall // Sweater- Strawberry // Wig- Clair Beauty


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Mid Century Love ~ Looking at Couches!

Gahh, forgive me for not understanding how to correctly post images from Instagram just yet!! (does anyone know how to embed Instagram photos without the logo, border, etc.??) I only started paying attention to the platform just recently...

It all started when I snapped this photo of a gorgeous new rug we got to show off to my parents. Guys, we love this rug SOOOOO much. It's from Overstock... a knockoff of the 'overdyed' style that is so popular nowadays. I had no idea this style even existed, but now that I'm aware, I am SUPER into it. And... I basically freak out a little inside every time I see it (30+ times per day...?)

But then we thought... "Gee, having a new rug sure does make all our other furniture from 7 years and two apartments ago pale in comparison." So we decided it might be time to update a few things, starting with a new couch. We even went out to Crate and Barrel on Saturday to have a few looks and a few sits. (I've never felt whiter in my whole life than I did in there... ha!)

Of course, I've also been doing some scoping online, and I've found a bevy of options... So what do you think??

Any experience with any of the below couches? Are they comfy? I really love the mid-century modern styles, but at the same time, I don't want to sit on a rock. A lot of those couches were never designed for comfort, only to look good. Also I love blue for the couch... but the rug we just got is turquoise!! Any color suggestions?

From right to left, top to bottom: Thrive Furniture Tyler // Crate & Barrel Camilla // Macy's Ava // CB2 Avec // Room and Board Anson // Room and Board Andre // Room and Board Murphy // Crate and Barrel Petrie


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Honey and the Moon

Honey and the Moon Review

In the past, I haven't been much of a perfume girl. I guess maybe because I'm a singer? When I started taking voice lessons for the first time, my teacher told me perfumes were a no-no. It "dries out" your nasal passages or something. Truthfully, heavy or cheap perfumes sometimes do bother me. I especially tend to hate most floral-y or "clean" smelling stuff, and gravitate toward sweet smells... strange as it may be, Aquolina Pink Sugar was the only perfume I could stand for a long time. (Hey- sometimes you just want to smell like a cupcake!)

A few years ago, I sprayed Honey and the Moon by Tokyo Milk on myself at an Anthropologie. Despite my avoidance of scents, my mind hasn't been haven't been able to let go of it since! I finally ordered a bottle for myself a few months ago, and it was everything I remembered it to be. It's delicious yet mature... I just wish it came in a bigger bottle!

The purchase has opened the door to a world of fragrances, and now I've got about four that I wear regularly. Even though I'm still pretty picky :P

And that is the story of the evolvement of my relationship with perfume. Which I'm sure you were all dying to know :)

Do you have a favorite or signature scent? xxo

Tokyo Milk Honey and the Moon Review


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Rock Out with Your Locks Out


I really love these pictures because I realize that my hair has finally grown out to a length that I'm happy with.

See, I'm a "long haired person." I know that I like the look of long hair on myself, and I know that it looks good on me. By contrast, some people are "short haired people", and feel really confident and sexy with a pixie cut, a bob, or even a shaved head. I have a friend who loves to experiment. It's her signature. She's always letting her hairdresser shape it into wild asymmetrical styles, mullets, and just really really short cuts. And it really works for her!

But I know it's not me.

About five years ago I was bored of my hair, and wanted to try out something new. So I let a friend cut it to shoulder-length, with some "interesting" layering choices. I immediately hated it, and I've spent the entire time since trying to grow it back. Don't ever believe it when someone says "It's just hair." NOPE.

(Unless you are like my friend Jess, and it pleases you to go short/ experiment.)


20131227-IMG_4953 20131227-IMG_4954

It was an unseasonably warm day when we took these photos, so luckily I didn't have to freeze to get some good shots! I really like the way this outfit came together... the pink batwing sweater is a welcome addition to my ever-growing collection of bulky winter sweaters... it's twisty-pattern is so unique! It went surprisingly well with this light green blouse... a staple piece, which I've been totally needing more of in my wardrobe.

But in the end, I think the sunglasses unintentionally stole the show. I look forward to wearing these a LOT this spring, and hopefully getting them in a few more colors :)

I feel compelled to mention that while I loved this necklace, the chain broke very shortly after we took these pictures :( I'm going to try and find a different chain for it, since it is such a cool pendant.

20131227-IMG_4929 20131227-IMG_4972


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New Year's!!!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now New Year's...

Why... this must be the week of sharing every holiday photo humanly possible!! :P

I'm happy New Years was such a total blast this year. Normally, I don't love hyped-up holidays where you feel obligated to have fun... it always just makes me feel like when my holiday turns out to be completely boring, I'm not doing what I'm supposed to like the rest of the world.

Luckily, we got invited to the same party we went to last year! Like last year, We went over to our friend Kayleigh's apartment. Like last year, she made ham. But unlike last year, she put up a photobooth wall!

She even dubbed it "Selfie Central." And many selfies (and regular photos) were taken that night. Oh yes.

nye New Year's Eve

Kayleigh "proposing" to me...

New Year's Eve

I call this one "Drunk in Love" ...

New Year's Eve

The boys getting their bromance on. (Bromances are so cute!!)

New Year's Eve New Year's Eve New Year's Eve

More Selfies!


All in all, it was a successful New Year's night.

Ahhh, the aftermath...

20131230-IMG_5052 20131230-IMG_5051


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