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DIY Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

So I was browsing around Sephora the other day, like always. And I decided to try Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Spray. And what do you know, I thought it was pretty great.  True, the results were not an exact reproduction of the beachy waves I’d rocked each summer growing up on the coast of Rhode Island. But it sure did make me look pretty, and nice, and I decided needed to have it. 

But $25??!  Ugh.

DIY Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

I liked the product a lot, and was working up the nerve to shell out the money, but then it occurred to me that “Hey- I can totally DIY this!”  And so I did.


Life Moments

Classes cancelled for the rest of the week, so I took a train home this morning back to RI for a couple of days.

Sometimes things get confusing, and I feel like I need to get away.  It's always been hard for me to feel like I'm stuck in one place.  Physically, mentally, spiritually... just stagnant.  It's fortunate when you have a place to go to help break out of that pattern, and comforting to be around people who know you like the back of their hand.  It's nice to be heard.  To just sit back, say absolutely nothing, and still be heard just fine.  I'm fortunate to have that... at least with some people on this earth.

Well in other news, I'm done with House of Cards and I just don't know what I'll watch now. Any suggestions?

(+ here are a few little snapshots I've been procrastinating on posting!)

  Mexican tiles20140115-IMG_3488 20140223-IMG_6188 20140104-IMG_5112 20140104-IMG_5136 20140116-IMG_5238 20140218-IMG_3729 20140216-IMG_3693

~ We ordered a few Mexican tiles from Etsy that we're using as coasters
~ A little lace
~ Chocolate-dipped Ritz!!
~ Ring
~ A photo from a shoot a couple weeks ago, and I thought looked nice in black and white
~ I did a photo shoot at a singer's gig at a piano bar last month... I thought this picture of the piano turned out really cool looking!
~ Thelonious lounging on our new, awesome rug
~ My Songwriting Workshop!!! I've been running some workshops through Noise Collective, where artists come and play their songs for the group, and get critiqued on them.  I’m really proud of the way these are going, and I’ve been meeting so many new and awesome artists. In April, we have a plan to launch two new workshops, and run them all in the same day!!  So excited.

Thanks for stopping by today :)  Hope your week has been good so far.  xxo


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Slightly obsessed with mint... ?

Lace dressy Lace dress

We shot these over the weekend, when it was beautiful enough out to only need a light jacket.

These pictures do this dress NO justice. Maybe it's the red brick that's washing out the green, and blowing out the details. But it's made of this beautiful mint, really ornate lace. Also... I don't know if you noticed (haha) but it is SHORT, so it's a good thing short skirts are my jam. I feel like a mod-girl, and it makes me wanna go-go dance all across my apartment.

So how was your weekend? Mine was pretty lazy. Though I'm pumped to have had my first iced coffee in over four months!!! I know you're probably all "what's the big deal about that??" But... I really, really love iced coffee :P Also caught up on some shows... my favorites right now are House of Cards and True Detective. Both are amazing, and True Detective has the added benefit of being visually stunning.

It's supposed to be cold and snowy again soon, but I'm soaking up this milder weather while it lasts.

Lace dress
Dress c/o Oasap // Tights- forever 21 // Shoes- c/o The Scarpetta


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Favorite Places...

hancos brooklyn

I love Hanco's.

On a good day the other week, I decided to swoop down to Park Slope after class. I miss this place- the Vietnamese iced coffee is so delicious. And really, I just love going anywhere in NYC when I feel like I had a few memories there. Where I feel like things were happy. I'm probably romanticizing the past. It's really easy to do that. Still. A nice place to spend an afternoon...

hancos park slope


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How to Dress for Your Habitat

Day late and a dollar short ;) Time for my weekly style post..

Forever 21 lace dress Forever 21 cardigan

Snow, snow, snow... everywhere you look. And ICE. The snow melts over itself during the day, and turns itself into catwalks of ice at night when it gets below freezing again. Try strutting down THAT catwalk in 6-inch-heels!! Hahahahaha #nyfw #butreallyitsjusttoocold

Guess I unintentionally went for a monochrome look here. Perhaps to blend in with my surroundings, and survive in my habitat better. Much like a bunny whose brown coat turns white in the winter ... Metaphors. Psychology. WOAH.

Okay, clearly I'm in a weird mood, so I'll just leave you to enjoy the rest of these pictures. But first answer me THIS: Why is this white lace dress so perfect? Why does it make me feel so much like a movie queen?

forever 21 scarf forever 21 dress lace dress forever 21 lace dress
Linking up :: + + + + + +


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Happy Valentines :)

Valentine's hearts

I don't normally make two posts in one day, but I just wanted a reason to post this picture. I took it when we were at a Junior's Cheescake right after New Year's. I remember being surprised that they had whipped out the decorations already. The themed decorations seem to happen earlier and earlier every year, don't they?

Anyway, I was like "This would be a cool picture to post on Valentine's day." So there you go :) Hope everyone is snuggling with their honeys, or doing something nice for themselves. Or had a completely uneventful day, because you don't care about Valentine's. Either way, hope it was a great day. xxo


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Fashion Week Party ~ Lulu's

Lulu's New York Fashion Week 2014

I was happy and excited to go back to Lulu's Style Studio again this year. It was at the same venue as last year, and I had a pretty chill time. I chatted with some ladies, and saw/ talked to Maria from Little Tree again briefly. But mostly, I sort of stuck by myself, picked up my swag bag materials, and did my own thing.

I don't know what it is, but I get super nervous sometimes before/ at events like these. I left the house feeling really confident, but then on the train I started to get anxious. It's really weird when my social anxiety decides to hit. Sometimes, I love being a social butterfly, and others I just want to be alone. Does this happen to anyone else?


Lulu's style studio Lulu's style studio 2014 Lulu's clothing Lulu's NYFW Lulu's New York Fashion Week Lulu's Lulu's New York Fashion Week


~ They had massages and manicures this year! I indulged in both.

~ Godiva chocolate bars.

~ Lush Cosmetics was there!! This was huge. They were giving away cupcake face masks, and I scored one!

~ There was a company there called Shae Moisture, and the body butter that I took home from them is one of my favorite finds of the night. I'm hooked! The scent is hibiscus & coconut, and it is so addicting. Glad to know the brand is pretty accessible, as they evidently sell products at Target. I'm excited to try other stuff from their range!!

~ As always, each attendee gets to pick out an item of clothing, and I've been super wanting a kimono. Unfortunately, we only had ten minutes to look through everything, and there were no dressing rooms or even any mirrors this year! So I snagged this kimono and hoped for the best. I'm getting a Blanche from the Golden Girls meets Hawaii 5-0 kind of vibe... Luckily, Blanche is frigging fierce. I can't wait to rock this thing the minute it turns warmer than 30 degrees outside.

Lulu's style studio

~ Chantilly

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Girl Scout Cookie Drink Recipe

The best Girl scout drink recipe

Soo... I'm a fruity, girly drink lover.. Yup. Despite my vast coolness in other areas of my life, I'm just not cool in this particular area. I'll just never be a whiskey-swillin', beer-worshippin' good-time-gal. Of course I'll drink beer or whiskey... but if I had a choice, I'd rather plunk down money for a drink that tastes good and looks pretty, thankyouverymuch.

But why should "girl drinks" be considered uncool anyway? Isn't that a bit sexist? Whatever. I'm here reclaiming the term here today, and they're totes cool, and you can pry the pineapple-laden margarita glass from my cold, dead hands.

Enter the girl scout cookie! Obviously, the idea is that it tastes like a thin mint. If this sounds appetizing to you, then just follow the simple directions below...

Combine the following ingredients in a tumbler with ice:

4 oz cream
2 oz peppermint schnapps
2 oz Irish cream
2 oz cream de cacao
2 oz Kahlua
1 oz vodka

Shake, and serve!

Makes 3-4 drinks

Girl scout alcoholic drink recipe

Some additional notes:

The amount of vodka you put into it is alterable, and up to your preferences. I realize the ratio isn't that big in my version, but see... I favored the deliciousness of the drink over the alcoholic content. So although I did want a little zing, I didn't want the zing to be messin' with my delicious chocolatey, creamy flavors.

Also for funsies, I made both rocks and straight up versions! I guess you could also make them blended, but I don't care too much for frosty drinks. I found the rocks to be most satisfying for my taste :)

For the martini glass rim, I just crushed some cookies in a ziplock bag, wet the rim of the glass with Kahlua, and dipped the rim in the crushed cookies. I used Keebler Grasshoppers, but I do prefer original thin mints.


Dirty Girl scout drink recipe Girl scout drink recipe


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Chunky Layers & Chunky Shoes (+ Giveaway!!)

Awww no, not another PHOTOSHOOT. Siiigh. :P

20140206-IMG_6035 Timberland Work Boot Timberland Nellie Boot
pay no attention to that weird green tarp in the corner...

Actually, this was pretty good day.

My favorite photo-taking days are ones where there is absolutely no pressure to get things done. Saturdays are always our "shoot days," and somehow just knowing this makes things stressful. Like we can't just enjoy our weekend... there's "work" to do. And the photos can never just be a spontaneous fun, thing- it's always planned.

Either way, these were taken on a day Matt worked from home last week. So no pressure :) We just stepped outside for a bite of lunch and some photos... fun and done.

Also, I'm SOOOO psyched to finally bust out this pair of Timbs!!!

Timberland Nellie

To put it mildly, these shoes make me feel really, really, really cool. In my everyday outfits, I'm always angling for a casual-chic vibe. I luurve the Timberlands, because they're trendy and stylish, and embody that effortless casual-cool thing I'm forever seeking.

Plus I'm in love with this AMAZING cardigan from Sammydress. I've been longing for just the right grandpa sweater all winter long, and I think I've met my match. Sometimes I don't love long sweaters on me, because I feel like I need to play up my curvy shape. But I do like a sweater that I can sort of hide in... play with proportions a little. They have the same one in blue, which I now want terribly!

Timberland Boots Timberland Work Boots


Timberland Boots


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