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It might be vain, but I am quite enamored with my own booty in these jeans...  What can I say.  High rise skinnies.  They're my everything.  Makes me anxious to start wearing more body-conscious clothing again, after being huddled up in layers all winter.


It's Friday...


Guess this must be the week of selfies... I've been digging around in pictures from a few months ago and trying out new Lightroom filters, since I regrettably haven't taken any photos this week.  It's been a bit busy, even though I can't really say what I've been up to.  I tend to forget a lot of day-to-day details, and remember things in chunks...

So that's why I'm just going to recap some random stuff that went down :)


Mother's Day with Uncommon Goods + $50 Giveaway!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! 

Phew… time is flying by this spring, and I realized that Mother’s Day is coming up very shortly!  I always knew my mom was awesome.  But in my adulthood, I’ve started to truly realize just how amazing she really is, and how wonderful, and even necessary to have this special day to honor her.   (This page has some great ideas ;)

Recently I’ve been talking with the lovely people at Uncommon Goods, and stealing looks at their website for Mother’s Day gift inspiration.  If you’re unfamiliar with this company- not only do they offer unique and handcrafted products, but their entire manifesto is one of facilitating positive change in the world.  They are all about supporting artists, and the general well-being of people, animals, and the environment.

Did you know they hold a series of panels in Brooklyn to help small businesses?  Topics include things like how to network, implementing green practices, and using social media tools to grow your business.   I actually went to one last month, and it was awesome!!  They also do things like design challenges to help people get their work out there, and support a non-profit with every purchase. 

Either way, their site is chock-full of stunning offerings for Mother’s Day.  It’s a really amazing place to find a unique gift for her special day!  Here are some things that I’d like to buy for my mom J

ug salt

This salt test-tube set is pretty cool!!  There are several varieties of salt from all over the world, and they all have different uses. 

ug tea

My mom also loves tea- just like I do!  These are also in test tubes, and are a ton of different varieties.

ug birds

I adore this necklace.  You can even choose the number of “chicks!”

ug gratitude

This statement is so true, and something my mom would be totally into.

ug bag

I don’t know why I think my mom would like this bag.  I think she has a similar one.  The print just reminds me of an adventurous soul… it makes me happy and makes me think of her J

So time for the next part…


As part of this wonderful collaboration, Uncommon Goods is giving away a $50 credit to their store!!  So you could also get something super unique for your mother on her special day.  

I’m so excited to be able to offer someone this wonderful prize!  Good luck!!!

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**Terms** Giveaway is US only.  Entrants must like Uncommon Goods on Facebook, and be a follower of Chantilly’s blog.  Entrants will be added to Uncommon Goods’ mailing list.

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What's in a Name?



How was your weekend?!  Mine was amazing, but unfortunately we didn't have time to get any style photos done.  So none for this week!  Instead, I've got some thoughts for you...

When I started thinking about making new recordings earlier this year, I didn't know what I wanted.  Up to the Moon was sounding stale to me, and I felt like I was outgrowing it.  Conversations with the producer about a new direction were highly ambivalent, and I couldn't really say what I was going for.

I just wanted something new.

So fast forward a few months!  The recordings are done, and they have a slightly different sound than the last ones.  And when I was recently doing the redesign of my site, I was thinking about it through the lens of a future music release.  I started considering not only completely different look for my online presence, and a new sound, but also a new name...


Spring Cleaning... Site Redesign!

Phew!  I cannot tell you how I've been looking forward to this moment. I've been craving a visual freshening for at least a few months.  But something recently has been pushing me to get it done NOW NOW NOW.  And finally, I had some time to work on it this week.

Change is good!


Spring Dress Wishlist

When I was looking through some of the pretty dresses at Sheinside recently, my eye kept going back to a few things-

- Style:  Maxi and/ or Flowy
- Color:  Apricot and/ or white
- Material:  Lace and/ or crochet

I can't help it... bohemia has taken over my brain.  All I want is to look like a silly hippie, dancing around at Coachella with flowers in my hair.  My other thing is 90's-esque florals... go figure.  I've started my annual re-watching Beverly Hills 90210 (Team Brenda!)

1.  I love the print on this dress!
2. The rainbow stitching on this  gorgeous maxi makes my life complete just looking at it.
3. This one... perfect to wear to the aforementioned festival.  Or any festival, really.  Or.... just anywhere.
4.  Fairy girl dress.
5.  More of a party dress.  But since I'm not that fancy, I'd probably just wear it to a party in my living room :)
6.  I'd really need a big floppy hat to complete this look.  It's probably more Blossom than Brenda, anyway...
7.  Lace!  Give me all the lace!!
8.  Want to wear this floral number with wedge platforms on a summer day.  

Hope you are all feeling fine on this lovely day :)  What spring trends are you looking to try?


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