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Little Black Dress ~ Stormy weather-style

Bustin' out the little black dress on a rainy day...

Sheinside dress




This past weekend was a pretty crazy one.  It included playing a big show at a beautiful venue, as well as hosting another songwriting workshop at my apartment.  For that reason, this week's style post isn't super timely, but I'm excited about it nonetheless!



Life Moments

I haven't had the inclination to take many photos in the past few months, since it's been such a bad winter, with little light.   However, I found the will to grab some shots of pretty little scenes around our apartment lately.  I'm so happy to make friends with my camera again.

As the weather is warming up, so am I :)


Cold days


It's certainly been a few weeks since I've had a style post.  I had a couple of really busy weekends, and sadly didn't have any time to rustle one together.  Fortunately, we found time to snag some quick photos yesterday while taking a nice walk around our old neighborhood.  Off topic, but it's crazy how much things have changed where I used to live... so many new restaurants and bars.

winter scarf
winter wardrobe

We took these pictures with my little Canon Rebel camera... if they look a little different, that's why.  That camera hasn't been used for style photos on this blog for over a year!   Although it's not as sharp and crisp as the other one, it is still pretty great.  Such a different style... I miss it!  You might be seeing more from the Rebel in the near future :)

winter sweater

Knee socks- c/o Oasap // Skirt- c/o Oasap // sweater c/o Sammydress // Scarf- F21 // Loafers- thrifted


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Sunday Songs ~ Handsome Family

I haven't had a Sunday Songs in a long time, but here goes...

I've been in love with the show True Detective since it debuted, and the opening credits embody all the episodes in such a creepy and beautiful way.  I've found myself listening to the song featured on repeat for several days now!

It's by a husband-and-wife musical duo called Handsome Family, and the song is called Far From Any Road.  Evidently, murder ballads are their bread and butter as songwriters... which make them perfect for this show.

Their style is interestingly macabre, I'm looking forward to listening to more of their stuff :)


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This week has been an off week of sorts.


Beautiful Spring Dresses

If you can't tell, I'm just a little excited lately about the weather becoming nicer.  I'm even super pumped about daylight savings (another hour of light!!  YES.)   Seriously, I'm not usually affected by the seasons, but this one just got to me.  I've been a total shut-in, and yes, a little grouchier than usual.  BUT.  It's finally March! The earth is slowly warming.  Much rejoicing in my heart.


How to dress for festival season

It's that time of year again.  SXSW time, coming up next week.  I'm inevitably jealous of everyone who gets to go, and live vicariously through all my friends who do.  Not only do I adore Austin, but a crazy magical week full of music sounds like just the ticket for me.


On creating new opportunities ~ The Noise Collective Workshop

Noise Collective NY

I've been organizing and participating in Noise Collective NYC for over a year, and haven't really talked much about it here. Maybe it's because the photos of our events aren't exactly ones I'd share here (dark bars + big crowds don't exactly equal "pretty" pictures.)

Maybe because I feel like my "music life" doesn't really converge with the things I write about on this blog, which is silly. The sole reason I started this blog was to help promote my music... then the blog it took on a life of its own ;)

I guess for a long time now,  I've let the reporting of my musical endeavors fall by the wayside, while typical "blog topics" have taken precedence.

I love doing both things.  But I want that to change.


The Cutest Cupcake

Oh nothing, we just found the most adorable cupcake shop in Rhode Island, that's all...

coffee shop
coffee shop rhode island

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