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Milk and Honey Recipe

When I received my awesome raw honey package last month, I got to asking myself what else I could do with all this delicious honey I had laying around.  Then the idea of milk and honey popped in my head.  It's a delicious-sounding phrase, you know?  It brings to mind all the pleasures there are out there in the world, right at your fingertips.


Flowy Black Dress

little black dress

Hope everyone's weekend was wonderful :)  Me and Matt took advantage of the sunny weather to clown around on the roof and take some new photographs. 


Life Moments


1. Pyrex bowl and vintage table runner my mom thrifted for me.
2. Learning a new song for a student!
3. Made a fort out of chairs, blankets, and scarves in my studio the other day.  Gotta have a different perspective sometimes, you know?
4. I impulsively bought a straight razor after getting another so-so haircut, and discovered that straight-razoring your own hair can be addicting!  And dangerous... I'm not quite sure about the results :P  I think they're okay.  My hair is still long, but has been thinned out quite a bit.  Time will tell!
5. Donuts at Dunwell, and a chat with my friend Alyson :)

++ Also, I had a show the other night at Rockwood Music Hall!  (no pictures, boooo.)   It was a really nice night though.  One of those times you feel happy to be an artist.

Have a great weekend :)

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Lavender Lemon Iced Tea Recipe

dried lavender

I made this iced tea the other day, sort of by mistake.  It was meant to be lemonade, but I did not have enough lemons on hand!  So I took a look at what was in my cupboard, and made a quick decision to do iced tea instead.


Cucumber Mask DIY - 3 Easy Ways

I know it looks like I'm about to show you a recipe for salsa, but guess again.  Haha.  Instead, I've got three ways to make a lovely and refreshing cucumber mask.  Perfect way to beat the heat and stay beautiful :)


Workshop Update

brooklyn rooftop

brooklyn rooftop
brooklyn rooftop

Another round of Noise Collective workshops has gone by, and I almost forgot to post about it!  I've got to get better at that... I want to share so much more of what goes on in my musical life, but the content is not always inherently visual.   Either way, here's some creativity in action for you :)

This time, I hosted around ten artists at my place, and we split people into groups where they would come up with an amazing song or idea (within an hour!), and then all share their new songs at the end.   A few groups took to the rooftop this time, and also my stairwell :P

It really is awesome to hear what everyone comes up with... and for most people, it's something they never would've thought of if they didn't have a cowriting partner.  That's part of why I love doing this so much.

Yay artists!!

PS, speaking of new musical creations, my friend Jamie- my guitar co-teacher from my first year of camp just released a new album with his band- Gorilla Punch Radio.  I'm so proud of him, and know how much work it takes to release a record!   You can listen to their music here.

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Sunglasses Storage DIY

Recent addiction...

I don't know what it is about sunglasses, but I'm especially addicted to them this summer.  I've bought about ten pairs in the past three months.  I think it's because they're a cheap thrill, and can make you look cool and sexy in two seconds... even under un-sexy circumstances like greasy hair, and wearing clothes that you've slept in for two days (what?  it happens...)


Country Mouse

5th of july

Just a couple of pics from 4th of July weekend in Rhode Island.  I've gotta admit- I don't know if this could really be considered an "outfit" since these are lounging-around clothes.  You must be thinking-  "Gurl, are those sweat shorts??"  Yup.


Coney Island

Oh nothing, just a little trip to Coney Island...

We did lots of touristy stuff, like eating at Nathan's, and riding the Wonder Wheel!.  Plus there was some non-touristy stuff, like having a large man in a bikini twerk and wink at us as we were eating nachos.  Just a normal day, really...

But behold its majesty- a shot of the beach from the top of the Wonder Wheel!

We look like ants...


Thai Iced Tea Recipe

There's this little Thai place on Bedford Avenue called Tai Thai.  It was there that I had my first Thai eating experience ever. With my meal, they served me a delicious orange drink, and thus my love for Thai iced tea was born.

It's a wonderful drink to serve in the the summers, and definitely for those of us with a sweet tooth :)

The recipe is super easy, as long as you can get your hands on some Thai tea.  I've seen other recipes that just use black tea leaves, but I'd say it's worth the extra bit of effort to find the Thai tea.  They roast it with yummy herbs to give it that special flavoring.

I got mine at the Chelsea Market in Manhattan, but if you don't have an Asian grocery store close by, you can always order online- it's inexpensive!

Thai iced tea recipe

Important fashion side-note!!  As you are making the tea, do not wear your favorite silk shirt, expensive pants, etc.  There is food coloring in the tea.  It can stain your hands and counters temporarily orange, although it washed off easily for me.  It didn't seem to permanently stain, but better safe than sorry!


6 cups boiling water
1 cup Thai tea
1/2 c sugar
3/4 cup half and half
1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk


+ Add the water to your herbs, and let steep for about 5 minutes
+ Mix half and half and sweetened condensed milk in a separate bowl
+ Drain the herbs out with a strainer
+ Add the sugar to the hot tea
+ Refrigerate, or wait until cooled.  Then pour 3/4 cup of the tea into some tall glasses
+ Pour a little less than 1/4 cup of condensed milk/ half and half mixture over each tea


best Thai DIY recipe

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Leopard Print Dress

leopard print

I've never had a lot of love for leopard print.  I know that many, many people rock it proudly and awesomely.  But on me, it's just always reminded me of Peggy Bundy, or really trashy 80's fashion.  I keep expecting it to go out of style, but it won't!  It just will.  not.  die.

So when I was picking out some new duds at Sammydress recently, I thought "What the heck... I'll try something new."

My verdict:



Being that Lisa and I both blog our personal style, we definitely needed to take pictures of each other when we met up.  So that means an extra set of photos this week!

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