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Best Hikes in the Hudson Valley

I'm always looking for the best hikes in Hudson Valley! There is so much great hiking in this area, it's insane. It's actually become a relatively cool activity. As you drive by Breakneck Ridge for example, you'll see tons of young hipsters flanking the roads, on their way to the hike.

Honestly though, hiking is a relatively new hobby of mine.  My first couple of times didn't go so well (this newbie was NOT prepared for that six-hour hike that my friends suggested it would be fun.) It almost scared me off hiking for good!

When my husband suggested we try it again, I thought why not?  I'd already lived to tell the tale after the six-hour hike, and NOTHING could be as bad as that.

Turns out, it's gotten easier since those first couple of times.  I started anticipating what to expect, and we've been hooked ever since!  Now I find there's nothing quite like it.  The rush somehow keeps me feeling great all week long.

My favorite are short-ish hikes that are challenging, but not impossible.  So I've rounded up a couple of my favorites here!  Starting with easy to hard, there's something for everyone to try.

woman lon mountain overlooking town


Tiny Houses in Warwick, NY

You know, I've never felt like I've been great at getting those super perfect Instagram-y shots.  You know, the ones that are so cute, majestic or clever that people practically throw their likes at them.


New Hampshire and VT Roadtrip!! ++ Part 1

This past few months, it's been sort of a whirlwind of Hipcamp trips.  I've been agonizing about what to write about my journey up north with my friend Alyson.


July 4th ++ Maine


Back again for a second... how have you been?


Life Moments

Sunday Afternoon Kitty

Can you believe it's already the middle of July?  Summer is flying by!

I've been staying busy, and have been taking myself and my camera on many adventures recently.  Here


Barred Owl Getaway // Hamilton Farms, Maine

I mentioned my new gig as a Hipcamp field scout last week, and wanted to share some photos of my first assignment!

Taking Steps is Easy / Standing Still is Hard

Alone on the beach St. Croix Virgin Islands

In the past few years, I've gotten more aware of my need to constantly be in motion.  When my days and hours aren't filled, it is extremely unnerving.  At the same time, I'm always feeling burnt out and need rest.  Yet the second I get to "resting" the anxiety creeps in again.

My husband and I talk about this often, and he has a similar problem.  I think it's a combination of FOMO, the 24-hour news cycle, and a never-ending connection to other people's thoughts via social media.


Easy Vanity DIY- Repaint!!

I've only just warmed up to the concept of painting furniture to beautify your space.  In the past, I've been content just to nail a few things to the wall and call it a day.  This past year though, I've been paying more attention to all the ways you can beautify a living space- including painting furniture!


Life Moments


Did everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend?  We just got back from a camping trip, which was pretty awesome... more details soon  :)   In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite snaps from the last couple of months.  ♥♥


Life Moments // St. Croix

Hey hey!!

Since the last time I posted, I've been to the US Virgin Islands and back!  If any of you beautiful folks follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few of my updates.  This was our first vacation since the honeymoon, and we both really needed it.  We haven't been in a tropical destination since Puerto Rico.  It was surreal, and sooo relaxing.


May Goals

So how has everyone been loving this gorgeous transition back to spring?  The last couple have weeks have been really nice... a much needed respite from the cold weather that's been driving us crazy.


Life Moments

Fiiiinally getting a new Life Moments post up.  I've been meaning to share some of these photos for months!  Hope you enjoy and that everyone is having a great week so far!  ♥



Lately ++

Gurl, it's been too long... anyone still out there?  Haha.  I've had many a thing on my mind, and getting a new post up has been in there somewhere too.  But frankly it's always hard to begin again.  Then again.  And again.  Keep hitting the repeat and reset buttons, spin the wheel and see where life takes you this time.  So what's been going on?

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